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My little MG TD has a massive brake master cylinder. It’s actually a reservoir and a cylinder and they look like one sausage on top of another. On the top it has a shiny metal plug that has filling instructions cast right into it. The name “Lockheed” stands out along the side in raised letters and there’s a rather long part number stamped there, too. A big rod comes out the front, passing through a thick, corrugated rubber boot. On the end is a big square clamp that hooks to the pedal. The darned thing is 60 years old, but with some wire wheel work and a new coat of implement paint it looks like new. I left the plug, rod, clamp and pipe in bare metal and sprayed them with clear lacquer. The whole thing looks so much better than a modern plastic master cylinder that it’s amazing. Those modern ones look like soap dispensers or some kind of weird kitchen appliance. My old one looks like a piece of industrial art. No wonder working on old cars is so darn cool.

2 thoughts on “WHY IT’S FUN TO FIX OLD CARS

  1. Barry Penfound

    John… Thanks for the story on the 1959 Buick LoSabre in the November 3 issue. It was a nice surprise! There are four other cars underway, so it should be a lot of fun. Having a background in ‘survivor’ and restored cars, and now custom cars, it has been a unique experience. If you’d like to know more about what we do, I’d be glad to provide details.