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Winter Garage Time

If you follow my blog, you haven’t read anything new in nearly two weeks. Sorry about that. This is the time of year we folks in the “Word Factory” in Iola get tapped on the shoulder and told how much vacation we have left to use by year’s end. For some reason, writers and editors always seem to keep their nose to the grindstone all year, then come up for air in December. I had some time to burn up and I had some work to do on my new career as a free-lance writer.

In any case, I haven’t visited “Gunner’s Garage” in awhile, but I haven’t been out to my real garage in awhile either. It’s just too cold at this time of year. I’m fortunate enough to have a heated shop, but when it’s below zero at night, it takes some serious self-convincing to hike up the icy slope to  “Gunner’s Garage.”

As I said earlier, I’m leaving the daily grind here real soon. My “sentemce” is almost over. Starting Jan. 4, I’ll be a free man. That means I’ll get to do the things I want when the sun is out and more garage time (at home that is) is in  my plan. I’ve been told I can keep the blog going from home, so I’ll keep you up to date on all my winter projects. At the same time, I’d like to hear about some ofthe winter projects your working on.

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