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Vehicles are more than “Just Cars”

  When I was growing up, cars were such a crucial part of my life on the Nordstrom farm. Races, demo derbies, enduros, the list goes on. Dad always had Chevrolets everywhere. 1957 Chevrolets and Impalas was his addiction. I remember one time we went to the Chitwood Stunt Show at the fair in...

Bolting the new fuel tank into the car seemed like it was impossible until we thought about why the bolts weren’t grabbing.

Fuel For Thought

  It was frustrating. A day earlier we had the brand new Triumph Spitfire gas tank all bolted on place, when we realized that there wasn’t enough room to install the “plumbing.” So, we had to remove the tank again, install the plumbing and then get the tank back into position. Easier said than...

2015 Old Cars Weekly Reader Rides calendar.

Plan your 2015 show season with an Old Cars Reader Rides calendar

Enjoy timeless automobiles year-round and plan next year’s show season with the popular 2015 Old Cars Weekly Reader Rides Calendar. This 12-month wall calendar features a variety of fabulous machines that are owned by OCW readers and has become an institution for thousands of old car lovers. The calendar shows all major holidays as...

A 1966 Pontiac 2+2 without fender skirts has wheel well moldings.

Skirting the issue

  It’s always fun to delve into the little variation that you find in collector cars. Years ago we enjoyed reading articles that got into the difference between, say, a 1937 and a 1938 Ford or maybe a 1950 and 1951 Mercury. It’s even more fun to explore the differences that could be found...

Restorer Jerry Kopecky invented this dashboard rotisserie.

Necessity is the mother of invention

  They say that necessity is the mother of invention and there’s no better place than the world of old car restoration to prove that’s true. Take, for example, the conversation I had today with a man who rebuilds British car transmissions. He told me how he makes shims for his projects out of...

This all-original 1964 Rambler was seen at a local car show last spring.

AMC cars are catching on with collectors

  Anyone who has visited Gunner’s Great Garage and met my son Jesse knows that he is a quiet young man. He is also my secret weapon for keeping abreast of changes in the old-car marketplace. You see, Jesse spends a lot of time reading old car magazines and checking out cars for sale...