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Young Gun

With 600+ ponies those “extra” two doors will just be a blur.

  Project LS Late Model Throttle, LLC is an idea that youthful owner Jeff Smith had in his brain that just had to get out. We ran into LMT at the Milwaukee World of Wheels a few weeks ago. Then … More »

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4-Doors For Iola: How about a Transcontinental?

The 1957 Pontiac Custom Star Chief Safari Transcontinental station wagon has a long name and an equally long list of people who would love to see one show up at the 2014 Iola Old Car Show.

  The Midwest’s largest old car show held will again be held in Iola — the headquarters of Old Cars Weekly — on the second weekend in July. This year’s theme “Four for all in ‘14” will spotlight four-door vehicles. … More »

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Steve — I want to borrow the George Follmer car

The Follmer Edition Mustang Club of America tribute car was my favorite. I judge with Follmer’s nephew at Elkhart Lake each July.

  Not being a fervent racing fan back then, it wasn’t until I hired Brad Bowling to edit Old Cars Weekly that I heard the name Steve Saleen. Brad had worked for him and, according to Brad, even did his … More »

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Ligenfelter winds way to Windy City

The Pacific Blue Karl Kustom Corvettes 67 Coupe in Chicago featured Ligenfelter’s 660-hp Z06 Corvette engine package.

Ken Ligenfelter stuffed a 660-hp engine package under the hood of the Karl Kustom Corvettes 67 Coupe ( he had at the Chicago Auto Show. At first glance, the Pacific Blue car looked like a big-block ’67 Corvette, but there … More »

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Sling Shot Shuffle


Going back about 3-1/2 years,  we penned an article called “Dragsters Get ‘Back in the Race’ as Collectibles” for which we interviewed 10 people on the topic of collecting vintage dragsters. In general, the people who owned dragsters said they … More »

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Straight Axle Straight Shooter

The Rebel Rouser ’55 is sure to rouse some passions when finished.

  It’s almost time for the Fondy Vintage Auto Club’s “Auto Parts Swap Meet,” which is one of the first collector car events in central Wisconsin each year. It is set for March 16 at the Fond du Lac County … More »

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‘Gentlemen: Start Your Engines!’

Racing has deep root in the history of the automobile. From the days of boot-leggers to the famous Brickyard 500. Americans have always had the need for speed. This same love for racing runs deep in my family and the … More »

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Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile

Alex Brown’s Olds reminded us that now is the time to invest in ‘70s cars.

Alex Brown of Milwaukee had his 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Brougham in the foyer at the 52nd annual Milwaukee World of Wheels. If you stopped to think about it, the amazing thing is that the show was more than twice as … More »

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You Can’t Take That away From Him

A ’40 Merc that Willie G. Davidson took to the show was our favorite car.

  Somehow, when you pick your favorite classic or hot rod at a car show, you want it to belong to a person who works nights sweeping sawdust off the floor and who built the car on his or her … More »

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Johnny Parsons Jr. will be @ BRW


Johnny Parsons won the 1950 Indy 500. As you can see from the accompanying photo, his son Johnny Parsons Jr. was winning trophies in midget car races as early as 1957. He went on to carve out a successful career … More »

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