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The hunt for old iron

Finding prewar iron is getting tough, especially if it was stamped out of Henry’s factories in the 1930s, but old tin sleuth Coy Thomas found a few old swoopy coupes and some stylish sedans.

The cars were spotted during the Washington resident’s travels to Utah and southern Idaho in July. Knowing how uncommon it is to track good ’30s metal, Thomas shared his recent finds with Old Cars Weekly.

Yup, they’re still out there.

It appears this coupe shell never took a dip in the Great Salt Lake,
as the remaining tin looks soundly solid, as well as straight. Thomas
identified this coupe in Utah as a 1934 Chevrolet product.

The roof is rough, but the body of this 1934 Ford five-window
coupe is very sound, and there’s a frame beneath to boot. Forget
any hope for a drivetrain or interior — this is purely a hulk of
Henry iron. Nearby, the crumpled driver’s fender lies on the ground,
still clinging to the headlamp housing. Along with the Fordor above,
this coupe was found in southern Utah.

Someone must have needed a 1934 Fordor cowl awful bad to
relieve it from this otherwise sound-looking body shell. On the
inside, only the steel seat frames remain.

A handsome De Soto sedan found outside a southern Idaho body
shop. The back end is deeply dented and only old rims hold up the
body, but this gem is not for sale, according to the spray-painted
message on the side.


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