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A look back at Iola 2011

We just published the 2011 “Iola in Review” issue of Old Cars Weekly and I had plenty of photos left over. Rather than let them acquire cyber dust on my hard drive, I thought I’d post a few of them here. Enjoy!

P.S. Please see the note at the end of this post if you’re interested in buying a car pictured here and clearly offered for sale.

Only 37,000 miles in the last 77 years separated this 1934 Chevrolet coach from new. The car sported original paint and interior and had obviously been loved for many years. It could be yours for just $25,000. (Call 715-651-7188*)

The asking price of $24,900 for this solid and original-looking 1934 Ford Tudor appeared right on the money these days.

Someone had a good start on building this 1940 Ford coupe, plus it included thousands of dollars worth of new parts, but there was clearly a ways to go before it made it back to the road. No price was listed.

These longtime Iola Old Car Show swap meet vendors always have eye-catching projects (usually convertibles), and this year, there were lots of double takes to their space. The Studebaker is a rare 1950 Commander convertible, priced at $2,995 (it sold), while the even rarer Continental convertible behind it is a 1940 model priced at $6,500. (Call 715-551-9658*)

Jon Cody’s mostly original 1955 Cadillac Coupe deVille in Light Wedgewood Green graced the Blue Ribbon section, parked back to back with another ’55 Cadillac, this one a sedan in Celadon Green Iridescent.

Of the many rare De Sotos on exhibit, this 1956 Firedome was probably the most capable of carrying the largest number of people. The red-and-white wagon owned by Barry Kerwin showed the bolt-on fenders used to update the 1955 station wagon bodies for 1956.

If fins catch your fancy, you were in luck at this year’s show. Many finned MoPars of all flavors graced the grounds, including this pair of finned Coronets parked at the edge of the theme exhibit area. The two-tone pink 1959 Dodge is owned by Jerry Kopecky, while the 1958 Dodge Regal Lancer in copper and black is owned by Randy Guyer.

Is this 1958 Edsel Pacer two-door hardtop one of the original Edsel press cars that lined up on Ford’s proving grounds at the make’s introduction? It’s the right color and if it’s early enough, it certainly could be. The asking price on this project, which had been parked since ’65, was $1800, with a solid front-clip available. (Call 608-547-0620*)

The seller stated Mercedes-Benz made just 500 of these 190SL convertibles in 1962, and this looked like a dandy of a survivor. (Call 715-281-9459*)

Sporting a 10-year-old frame-off restoration, this still-fresh 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 sported a 375-hp version of the big-block backed by the oh-so-desirable four-speed manual transmission and several options (power steering, windows and brakes, rear window defrost, tilting wood wheel, etc.). The price? $34,500, or trade for another GM muscle car. (Call 608-575-6170*)

Advertised as, “runs and drives great, very fast,” this 1969 AMC AMX with the potent 390-cid engine and four-speed combo seemed a bargain at $16,500. (Call 920-824-5634*)

Parked next to the 1957 De Soto Adventurer poster car under the theme tent rested this 1958 De Soto Firemite, a 3/8th scale fiberglass, gas-powered ride. Originally intended to be a kids’ car (albeit a wealthy kids’ car), restored examples of these cars command now “adult” prices.

Hundreds of modified cars fill the area between the Blue Ribbon and the northwest corner of the 4,500-space swap meet.

You could have any color of Model T at the Iola Old Car Show, as long as it was black. These early ebony Fords were parked in the Blue Ribbon section of the 2011 Iola Old Car Show.

If you’re too cool for a Prius (and aren’t we all?), try this 1970 Subaru 360 pickup on for size (warning: you may need a shoehorn to get in). The seller said just a handful of these 59-mpg, street-legal trucks remain, and he wanted $12,000 for the 7,000-mile vehicle.

Parts hunting is serious business, but there’s always room for a good
time at Iola. You’ll find lots of longtime vendors come for the sales
as much as the loose atmosphere. Here, a “facelifted with Magic Marker”
Mr. Goodwrenchgreets visitors to a swap space.

*I have included phone numbers of cars displayed in the car corral and swap meet, when available, for the convenience of visitors to this blog and the aid of respective sellers. The information posted here was up-to-date during the 2011 Iola Old Car Show, held July 7-11. Please don’t be a jerk and abuse this information, and realize cars may have since sold or may not otherwise be available. If your car is listed here and has since sold, drop me an e-mail at angelo.vanbogart@fwmedia.com and I will remove the phone number.

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  1. Harold Cary

    I think that something should be done about the handicap parking! There should be more enforcement!
    I heard a guy talking about how far out that he had to park with another guy. That guy said that he had used someone’s handicap sign that goes on the mirror so that he could park closer. There probably are many other instances of that happening.
    Also, how about having the row signs at each end of the main walkways, not just one end??


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