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Arizona bill to exempt older vehicles from emissions test moves to senate

 Arizona Bill to Exempt Older Vehicles from Emissions Tests Approved by Senate Rules Committee; Moves to Vote by Full Senate   
The full Arizona Senate will vote on legislation (S.B. 1324) to exempt all vehicles more than 25-years old from the state’s mandatory biennial emissions inspection and maintenance program.     
We Urge You to Contact Members of the Arizona Senate (List Attached Below) Immediately to Request Their Support for S.B. 1324
Existing law in Arizona only exempts pre-1967 model year vehicles and those vehicles designated as “collectible.” 
·         Under Arizona law, a “collectible vehicle” is a vehicle that is at least fifteen years old or of a unique or rare design, of limited production and an object of curiosity.  Collectible vehicles must be maintained primarily for use in car club activities, exhibitions, parades or other functions of public interest and used only infrequently for other purposes and have a collectible vehicle or classic automobile insurance policy that restricts the collectible vehicle’s mileage and/or use to qualify for the current collectible vehicle emissions exemption. To qualify for the exemption, the owner must also own a secondary vehicle for general transportation.
S.B. 1324 provides for a rolling emissions inspection exemption that would exempt qualifying vehicles upon enactment and would pick up an additional model year for each year the law is in effect.  
S.B. 1324 acknowledges the relatively minimal environmental impact of older vehicles, such as the historic cars targeted for this exemption.   
S.B. 1324 recognizes that such vehicles constitute a small portion of the vehicle fleet and are well-maintained and infrequently operated.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Arizona Senate immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for S.B. 1324. 
Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance.
Arizona Senate
Senator Sylvia Allen  
Phone: 602/926-5219
Email: sallen@azleg.gov  
Senator Steve Yarbrough                  
Phone: 602/926-5863
Email: syarbrough@azleg.gov  
Senator Steve Smith             
Phone: 602/926-5685
Email: stevesmith@azleg.gov  
Senator Steve Pierce              
Phone: 602/926-5584
Email: spierce@azleg.gov  
Senator Steve Gallardo                     
Phone: 602/926-5830
Email: sgallardo@azleg.gov  
Senator Scott Bundgaard                 
Phone: 602/926-3297
Email: sbundgaard@azleg.gov  
Senator Russell Pearce                       
Phone: 602/926-5760
Email: rpearce@azleg.gov  
Senator Robert Meza            
Phone: 602/926-3425
Email: rmeza@azleg.gov  
Senator Rick Murphy            
Phone: 602/926-4444
Email: rmurphy@azleg.gov  
Senator Rich Crandall           
Phone: 602/926-3020
Email: rcrandall@azleg.gov  
Senator Paula Aboud            
Phone: 602/926-5262
Email: paboud@azleg.gov  
Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford                     
Phone: 602/926-5835
Email: ocajerobedford@azleg.gov  
Senator Nancy Barto            
Phone: 602/926-5766
Email: nbarto@azleg.gov  
Senator Michele Reagan                   
Phone: 602/926-5828
Email: mreagan@azleg.gov  
Senator Lori Klein                
Phone: 602/926-5284
Email: lklein@azleg.gov  
Senator Linda Gray              
Phone: 602/926-3376
Email: lgray@azleg.gov  
Senator Leah Landrum Taylor                       
Phone: 602/926-3830
Email: llandrum@azleg.gov  
Senator Kyrsten Sinema                   
Phone: 602/926-5058
Email: ksinema@azleg.gov  
Senator John Nelson             
Phone: 602/926-5872
Email: jnelson@azleg.gov  
Senator John McComish                   
Phone: 602/926-5898
Email: jmccomish@azleg.gov  
Senator Jack Jackson Jr.                    
Phone: 602/926-5862
Email: jjackson@azleg.gov  
Senator Gail Griffin              
Phone: 602/926-5895
Email: ggriffin@azleg.gov  
Senator Frank Antenori                    
Phone: 602/926-5683
Email: fantenori@azleg.gov  
Senator Don Shooter            
Phone: 602/926-4139
Email: dshooter@azleg.gov  
Senator David Schapira                     
Phone: 602/926-3028
Email: dschapira@azleg.gov  
Senator Andy Biggs             
Phone: 602/926-4371
Email: abiggs@azleg.gov  
Senator Al Melvin                 
Phone: 602/926-4326
Email: amelvin@azleg.gov  
Senator Adam Driggs           
Phone: 602/926-3016
Email: adriggs@azleg.gov
Senator Linda Lopez
Phone: 602/926-4089
Email: llopez@azleg.gov
Senator Ron Gould    
Phone: 602/926-4138
Email: rgould@azleg.gov


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