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Automodello Mormon Meteor model is a work of art

This Automodello 1:24 model of the supercharged Duesenberg Special (a.k.a. “Mormon Meteor”) was recently featured in Old Cars Weekly. The more we look at the model, the more we like it, so I thought I would post the review here for all to read about this great piece of die-cast art:

The king of the road kings is the supercharged Duesenberg, and no supercharged Duesenberg is likely to be more famous than the Duesenberg Special (a.k.a. “Mormon Meteor”). This is the car built for Ab Jenkins to set records on the face of Bonneville. This is the car that sold for $4 million in 2004, and was then restored. This is the car of legend: 420 cubic inches of Fred Duesenberg dual-overhead-cam engineering; 400 hp with Augie Duesenberg dual-carbureted, supercharged engineering; 3,253 miles at a record average speed of 135.47 mph over 24 hours with none other than Ab Jenkins at the wheel.

Automodello's 1:24 art piece of Ab Jenkins' Duesenberg Special, a.k.a. "Mormon Meteor."

Automodello’s 1:24 art piece of Ab Jenkins’ Duesenberg Special, a.k.a. “Mormon Meteor.”

The Duesenberg Special has been revered among speed freaks, automotive historians and die-hard hobbyists, even though it’s only occasionally seen in public. Duesenberg Specials crafted in scale are also rare. Aside from an older 1:43 model of the car in its street state as the Mormon Meteor, the Duesenberg Special has not been modeled, until now.

Automodello’s new die-cast 1:24 model of the Duesenberg Special in its current Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Best of Show-winning state lives up to that legend.
The new 1:24 model is substantial in weight and impressive to behold. The thin bars in the Herb Newport-designed grille are dead-on, the “Duesenberg” name and “Ab Jenkins” signature shimmer. The delicate Duesenberg hood ornament tells owners that this is a high-quality model to be respected as one would behold the actual car.

Automodello's 1:24 die-cast model of Ab Jenkins' Duesenberg Special, a.k.a. "Mormon Meteor," is a work of art.

Automodello’s 1:24 die-cast model of Ab Jenkins’ Duesenberg Special, a.k.a. “Mormon Meteor,” is a work of art.

Additional details include the proper red color for the upholstery and yellow hue for the streamlined body, an instrument panel with the full complement of gauges and the familiar three-spoke Duesenberg Model J steering wheel. Even the motor for the windshield wiper is present behind the chrome-plated windshield frame. The chassis is a flat panel, and with a non-opening hood, there’s no engine to view in this model.

This homage to the Duesenberg Special was a long time coming and worth the wait. Its scale also allows it to rest comfortably next to other fine Duesenberg 1:24 models where it will again be king of the road kings.
Order from www.diecasm.com for $299.95, or by calling 877-DIECASM (343-2276).

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