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Bill for single license plate display introduced in Missouri

SEMA Action Network Update:

Bill to Provide for Single License Plate Introduced in Missouri

Legislation (S.B. 104) has been introduced in the Missouri Senate to require the issuance of only a single license plate for motor vehicles.  The bill, favored by state hobbyists, also applies to personalized plates.  If enacted into law, the measure would still accommodate registered owners eligible to receive a second plate (ex. certain property-carrying commercial motor vehicle applicants can request two plates).

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (Contact Info Below) Immediately to Request Support for S.B. 104

·         S.B. 104 would save money, conserve resources and bring Missouri in line with other states that have moved to a single plate requirement.

·         S.B. 104 would protect the aesthetic contours of collector cars and relieve vehicle owners of the burden of having to create mounting holes on fabricated and some original bumpers, etc.

DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Missouri Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for S.B. 104.

Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance.

Missouri Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

To e-mail all Committee members, copy and paste the email address block below:

mike.kehoe@senate.mo.gov; john.lamping@senate.mo.gov; bob.dixon@senate.mo.gov; brian.munzlinger@senate.mo.gov; jay.wasson@senate.mo.gov; jason.holsman@senate.mo.gov; rmckenna@senate.mo.gov

Senator Mike Kehoe (Chair)
Phone: 573-751-2076
Email: mike.kehoe@senate.mo.gov

Senator John Lamping (Vice-Chair)
Phone: 573-751-2514
Email: john.lamping@senate.mo.gov

Senator Bob Dixon
Phone: 573-751-2583
Email: bob.dixon@senate.mo.gov

Senator Brian Munzlinger
Phone: 573-751-7985
Email: brian.munzlinger@senate.mo.gov

Senator Jay Wasson
Phone: 573-751-1503
Email: jay.wasson@senate.mo.gov

Senator Jason Holsman
Phone: 573-751-6607
Email: jason.holsman@senate.mo.gov

Senator Ryan McKenna
Phone: 573-751-1492
Email: rmckenna@senate.mo.gov

One thought on “Bill for single license plate display introduced in Missouri

  1. Guy Morice

    Sure hope MO gets this done. My state of Illinois has tried this a couple of times…….but as far as I know, it has never been brought up for a vote in the legislature. I have 2 vehicles that I drive sparingly for fear of getting a ticket for no front plate.


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