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Dead Tuckers: Where are the four 'extinct' Tuckers?

Fifty-one were built and 47 survive. That’s an incredibly high survival rate for a 62-year-old automobile, but given the Tucker’s uniqueness and its desirability  since Preston tempted the public with plans for mass-production, it’s not too surprising.

Since Tuckers have been cherished since they were new, I wondered how and why there came to be four Tuckers that didn’t survive to the present, so I asked Jay Follis of the Tucker Historical Collection and the Tucker Automobile Club of America to provide answers (and photos) of those not-so-lucky Tuckers. He responded with a full two-page story in the March 25 issue of Old Cars Weekly.

This was one of the most fun stories I’ve had the chance to read in a long time, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

One thought on “Dead Tuckers: Where are the four 'extinct' Tuckers?

  1. John

    The stories of the lost Tuckers is great.

    It seems the subject perhaps might expand into the other bodies up to number 58?

    One day all might be told about the incomplete bodies and parts.
    The Tucker forums and topics contain many discussions on the other serial numbers noted above.

    A great site and group of people for all car enthusiasts.
    We are the "others" that were talked about in numerous TV releases and press releases.
    On Easter, a year ago to this day, we delivered a Easter egg on the Tucker site that was hidden in plain site but yet was overlooked even by us for quite sometime.
    For other fun reading, one might look up the Harris front drive special at Autopuzzles and the Harris fwd Streamlined Speciale at the Tucker Club.
    Good work by all!
    Happy Easter,


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