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Flxible 1963 Buick one-of-one lies under Buick group’s nose

Old Cars Weekly reader Dan Bower of Flint, Mich., knew the 1963 Buick Flxible he was selling on eBay for the Buick Heritage Alliance was rare like any professional car. But he had no clue it was a one-of-one.

One-of-one 1963 Buick Flxible service car

Fortunately, well-respected professional car historian Tom McPherson, author of “Flxible Professional Vehicles: The Complete History,” found Bower’s eBay listing for the project car and filled in the details, including the fact the car wasn’t a hearse as Bower thought, but a Flxette Service Car, the only such Flxette Service Car built by Flxible in 1963.

According to McPherson, who has possession of Flxible’s records and wrote the , the service car wears body number 1340 and was delivered to Myers Funeral Home in Mechanicsburg, Pa., at the end of May 1963. The delivering Flxible vendor was Gordon’s Coach & Ambulance Sales of Lehighton and the service car had a retail price of $7,211. This car is pictured on page 199.

“This is going to be an interesting auction,” Bower said. “It might make an interesting story after it’s over of a barn-find-in-progress.”

It's the rear of a service car that makes it unique, and although it's rough, this one-of-a-kind 1963 Flxible Buick service car will hopefully be saved.

I agree, and hopefully the next owner decides to save the rare professional car. If you’re the auction winner, let us know — we dig hearses and honk our horns for old ambulances!

Check out the auction here.

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One thought on “Flxible 1963 Buick one-of-one lies under Buick group’s nose

  1. Robin Streett

    My brother and I just pulled a 1963 Flxible Buick out of a small junk yard. It has a 445 Wildcat Decal on the Breather. The car is in rough shape but has a good back door with glass, good bumpers and grill, and a good dash panel. It also has the engine and drivetrain. The driver door is decent. Is such a car worth more than scrap?


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