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Holiday Gift Idea: 1:24-scale 1965 Buick Riviera GS by Automodello

The first-generation Buick Riviera is considered Bill Mitchell’s masterpiece. Now it’s Automodello’s scale masterpiece.

For its latest 1:24 scale resin model, the model maker has selected the final Riviera from the initial 1963-’65 run for its subject. Many Riviera aficionados consider the ’65 Riv to be the pinnacle original example with its hidden headlamps, bumper-mounted tail lamps and smooth flanks without the faux vent on the quarter panel. Automodello’s model is also the ultimate iteration of the 1965 Riviera, the Gran Sport edition that included those classic five-spoke Buick sport wheels (shod with meaty whitewalls) and ribbed rocker trim that added an extra splash of panache to an already fabulous design. Of course, there are those tiny Gran Sport emblems on the model’s front fenders and at the left of the rear panel, above the back bumper. Such detail extends throughout the body and the stunning interior.

These 1965 Buick Gran Sport models were built in limited quantities by Automodello in seven original Riviera colors: Burgundy Mist; Flame Red; Arctic White; Regal Black; Verde Green; Sahara Mist; and Astro Blue.

The Burgundy Mist Riviera is available as a Barn Find edition of six pieces at $565.95 and the Flame Red edition was built as a Press Car edition of nine pieces at $499.95. Automodello’s Enthusiast’s Edition Arctic White Riviera is priced at $465.95, and the Homage Edition in Regal Black is priced at $449.95. Automodello’s Riviera in Verde Green is a Tribute Edition priced at $365.95; the Sahara Mist Tribute Edition is priced at $365.95; and the Astro Blue edition is available for $299.95.

Order from www.diecasm.com or call 877-DIECASM.

Automodello’s 1:24-scale 1965 Buick Riviera GS model in Astro Blue.

Automodello’s 1:24-scale 1965 Buick Riviera GS model in Verde Green.

Automodello’s 1:24-scale 1965 Buick Riviera GS model in Sahara Mist.

Automodello’s 1:24-scale 1965 Buick Riviera GS model in Arctic White.


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