Under The Hood

Holiday Gift Idea: New ‘Miss Lotta Miles’ Porcelain Sign

Vintage Concepts “Signs,” LLC offers many hand-made, limited-edition reproduction signs built just like the originals using a fired-on porcelain process. The latest from among the company’s bright and durable signs is this circa-1930s Kelly tire sign featuring Miss “Lotta Miles” in blue, red, white and black. An original would be priced at thousands of dollars, but this new 24-inch by 24-inch sign from Vintage Concepts “Signs,” LLC makes a great gift with a price of just $110.

Signs sell out quickly, so rush to www.vcsigns.com or call 412-771-3072 to order. The company also offers other automotive signs, so be sure to check its inventory.

This new 24×24-inch sign accurately replicates an original Kelly Tire sign down to the porcelain construction.


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