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Illinois committee approves expanded antique vehicle use bill

Illinois Bill to Expand Use of Antique Vehicles Approved by House Transportation Committee; Moves to full House 
Legislation (H.B. 3256) to provide for an expanded-use antique vehicle registration class that would allow antique vehicles and replicas to be driven without limitation during the warmer part of the year, from April 1 through October 31, has been approved by the Illinois House Transportation Committee.   Under the bill, expanded-use antiques are limited to traveling to and from car shows, exhibitions, servicing or demonstration during the colder months, from November 1 through March 31.  Regular antique vehicle registration would still be available for a lower fee to hobbyists who would prefer operating their vehicle on a limited-use only basis year-round.   The bill will next be considered by the full Illinois House of Representatives.
We Urge You to Contact All Members of the Illinois House of Representatives (List Below) in Support of H.B. 3256
H.B. 3256 provides for an expanded-use antique registration plate at an annual fee of $45.  The limited-use antique plate (travel to and from car shows, exhibitions, for servicing or demonstration) would remain available at a fee of $13 for a two-year registration.  A standard registration plate, with no use limitations, is available for an annual $98 registration fee. 
H.B. 3256 will provide Illinois citizens the opportunity to enjoy unlimited spring and summer time use of their antique vehicles.  
H.B. 3256 creates additional use options for antique owners willing to pay increased fees for selected vehicles.  
In Illinois, an antique vehicle is defined as a motor vehicle that is more than 25 years of age, a bonafide replica or a fire-fighting vehicle more than 20 years old which is not used as fire-fighting equipment.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Illinois House of Representatives immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support of H.B. 3256.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance.
Illinois House of Representatives 

To email all members of the Illinois House of Representatives, copy and paste the email address block below:

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