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Jim Morrison drove a '67 Shelby GT500?!

I don’t think my generation realizes that PBS has a lot of silent hits, and it’s something I even forget from time to time. Last night, while flipping through channels, I ran into the PBS program “American Masters” which featured the band The Doors and, specifically, its lead singer and poet Jim Morrison. This program exclusively used vintage footage, and is the case with any film from bygone days, the car-spotting was great. But, what utterly shocked me was Morrison’s wheels of choice: a dark-blue 1967 Shelby GT500. Totally boss!

There was some great footage of Morrison driving the car, plus some footage taken from inside the Shelby as other cars drove by. Many passing the Shelby were giving Morrison the “thumbs up,” probably before they even realized it was him, and that was when the car was new! Some of the other cool cars that passed Morrison’s Shelby included a Chevy “Deuce” with a straight axle, an early Mustang 2+2 fastback and a ’66 Cadillac convertible, among others.

I didn’t catch the whole program, but what I saw was excellent, from the story of the tortured artist to the scenery his story was set against. I’ll be watching for this re-run.

2 thoughts on “Jim Morrison drove a '67 Shelby GT500?!

  1. Rick Fattibene

    I’ve actually been following this car for years. It is 67 Shelby # 939 and the footage on the PBS special is actually him driving the car. Unfortunatley the car was wrecked by Jim Morrison hard a few times .

    In the movie " The Doors " that came out I believe in 1991 they recreate a scene where the car is wrecked but they use a 67 Shelby with a 1968 type shelby hood and not the correct 67 hood. Jim Morrison actually called the car " Big Blue " and it is referenced many times in the book " No One here Gets Out Alive "

    Rumor has it that the car was sitting at a body shop when Jim Morrison died and was towed away by someone to be never seen again. The Shelby community has been looking for it all of this time not knowing where is survived or not.


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