Under The Hood

Muscle car resto shop spotted

While attending the Russo & Steele Monterey sale and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, I found this neat little building in Seaside, Calif., just a few blocks from my hotel. The business is clearly a muscle car enterprise, and it had several project cars tightly packed around the building. The business’ location is within a mile of the ocean, and judging by the surface rust on the tops of many of the cars, the vehicles have spent a lot of time near the coast, too.

Most obvious is the 1968 4-4-2 in the street and the 1970 Cutlass S in the driveway. It’s a bit harder to see the somewhat stripped 1969 Olds to the left of the ’70 Cutlass, and there was another 1970-’72 Olds Cutlass or 4-4-2 next to the ’69 that was likewise disassembled.

In front of the building was a first-gen Firebird, along with a second-gen ‘Bird and a 1967-’72 Nova SS, and alongside the building was an early Charger and Buick GS. Also note the 1969 Chevelle behind the Charger and GS and the suspicious absence of a Ford Motor Co. muscle car. However, the old Ford truck out front may prove the proprietor isn’t prejudice against products of the “blue oval.”


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