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Nebraska considers restricting consumer info on ethanol content



Bill to Restrict Consumer Information on Ethanol Content in Gasoline to be Considered by Nebraska Legislature
Legislation (L.B. 698) to change labeling requirements on gas pumps across the state so that labeling is only required when gasoline contains 11% or more alcohol has been introduced in Nebraska.  A previous version of the bill eliminated labeling requirements all together.  Current law in Nebraska requires labeling when gasoline contains 1% or more alcohol, including labels for pumps dispensing E10.  If enacted, the bill would make it impossible for enthusiasts to know whether the gasoline they put into their vehicles contains any ethanol, making it possible to misfuel the vehicle and cause engine damage.  The bill has been approved by the Agriculture Committee and is pending on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature.  You have a right to know what blend of ethanol you are putting in your older collector cars!
We Urge You to Contact All Members of the Nebraska Legislature (List Below) to Request Their Opposition to L.B. 698

Ethanol increases water formation in the fuel system, especially when the vehicle sits over a period of time.  Under these conditions, formic acid is created which corrodes metals, plastics and rubber.  This can lead to engine/parts failures and, potentially, safety hazards. 
Many products in the marketplace, including older cars (your special interest collector and historic vehicles), use materials that are incompatible with ethanol.
In addition to the potential harm of ethanol blended gasoline on some engine components, Nebraska has no procedure in place to ensure misfueling does not occur or any plan to guarantee gasoline without ethanol will be available for older vehicles.   
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been urged to create national labeling requirements for ethanol blended gasoline that are placed as close as possible to the pump’s product selection mechanism, but since such requirements are not currently in place, vehicle owners must rely on state labeling requirements for information about the gasoline they use in their vehicles.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Nebraska State Legislature immediately by phone or e-mail to request their opposition to L.B. 698.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance.
Nebraska State Legislature
To email all members of the Nebraska State Legislature, copy and paste the email address block below:
gadams@leg.ne.gov; bashford@leg.ne.gov; bavery@leg.ne.gov; dbloomfield@leg.ne.gov; lbrasch@leg.ne.gov; kcampbell@leg.ne.gov; tcarlson@leg.ne.gov; mchristensen@leg.ne.gov; ccoash@leg.ne.gov; dconrad@leg.ne.gov; tcook@leg.ne.gov; acornett@leg.ne.gov; bcouncil@leg.ne.gov; adubas@leg.ne.gov; dfischer@leg.ne.gov; ; tfulton@leg.ne.gov; mgloor@leg.ne.gov; khaar@leg.ne.gov; ghadley@leg.ne.gov; thansen@leg.ne.gov; jharms@leg.ne.gov; lheidemann@leg.ne.gov; ghoward@leg.ne.gov; cjanssen@leg.ne.gov; rkarpisek@leg.ne.gov; bkrist@leg.ne.gov; clangemeier@leg.ne.gov; slathrop@leg.ne.gov; llouden@leg.ne.gov; bmccoy@leg.ne.gov; amcgill@leg.ne.gov; hmello@leg.ne.gov; jnelson@leg.ne.gov; jnordquist@leg.ne.gov; rpahls@leg.ne.gov; dpankonin@leg.ne.gov; ppirsch@leg.ne.gov; sprice@leg.ne.gov; kschilz@leg.ne.gov; pschumacher@leg.ne.gov; jsmith@leg.ne.gov; ksullivan@leg.ne.gov; dutter@leg.ne.gov; nwallman@leg.ne.gov; jwightman@leg.ne.gov

Senator Greg Adams 
Phone: 402/471-2756
Email: gadams@leg.ne.gov
Senator Brad Ashford                       
Phone: 402/471-2622
Email: bashford@leg.ne.gov
Senator Bill Avery                 
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Email: bavery@leg.ne.gov
Senator Dave Bloomfield
Phone: 402/471-2716
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Senator Lydia Brasch
Phone: 402/471-2728
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Senator Kathy Campbell                    
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Senator Tom Carlson             
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Senator Mark Christensen                  
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Senator Colby Coash
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Senator Danielle Conrad                    
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Senator Tanya Cook              
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Senator Abbie Cornett                       
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Senator Brenda Council                     
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Senator Annette Dubas                      
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Senator Deb Fischer               
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Email: dfischer@leg.ne.gov
Senator Mike Flood               
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Senator Tony Fulton              
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Senator Mike Gloor               
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Senator Ken Haar                  
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Senator Galen Hadley            
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Senator Thomas Hansen                    
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Senator John Harms               
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Senator Lavon Heidemann                
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Senator Gwen Howard                      
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Senator Charlie Janssen                     
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Russ Karpisek                       
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Senator Chris Langemeier                  
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Senator Steve Lathrop                       
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Senator Amanda McGill                    
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Senator Heath Mello
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Senator John Nelson              
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Senator Jeremy Nordquist
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Senator Rich Pahls                 
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Senator Dave Pankonin                     
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Senator Pete Pirsch                
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Senator Scott Price                
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Senator Ken Schilz                
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Senator Paul Schumacher
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Senator Jim Smith
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Senator Kate Sullivan            
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Senator Dennis Utter             
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Email: dutter@leg.ne.gov
Senator Norman Wallman                  
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Email: nwallman@leg.ne.gov
Senator John Wightman                     
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Email: jwightman@leg.ne.gov


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