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North Dakota bill to restrict vehicle mods amended



North Dakota Bill to Restrict Vehicle Modifications Amended and Approved by Transportation Committee; Still Makes No Sense  

A bill (H.B. 1442) in the North Dakota State Legislature to prohibit the modification of any motor vehicle that alters the manufacturer’s original suspension, steering or brake system has been amended and approved by the House Transportation Committee.  While the bill deletes much of the original language, H.B. 1442 retains a provision that requires modifying equipment to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards in order to be legal for use in North Dakota.  The bill will next be considered by the full House of Representatives.
We Urge You to Contact the Full North Dakota House of Representatives (List Attached) Immediately To Request Their Opposition to H.B. 1442
This bill still makes no sense!  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) only issues standards to regulate equipment that is required on all new motor vehicles.  It does not regulate “modifying equipment” unless it takes a vehicle out-of-compliance with a required piece of safety equipment when installed.  For example, lift kits used to modify ride height for function and utility are not specifically regulated by NHTSA. 
How can North Dakota motorists be expected to comply with standards that do not exist?
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the North Dakota House of Representatives immediately to request their opposition to H.B. 1442. 
Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts.  Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance. Thank you for your assistance.
North Dakota House of Representatives
Representative Corey Mock  
Email: crmock@nd.gov
Representative Dan Ruby      
Email: druby@nd.gov
Representative Kenton Onstad          
Email: konstad@nd.gov
Representative David Monson
Email: dmonson@nd.gov
Representative Phillip Mueller           
Email: pmueller@nd.gov
Representative Shirley Meyer
Email: sjmeyer@nd.gov
Representative Michael Nathe           
Email: mrnathe@nd.gov
Representative Jon Nelson     
Email: jonelson@nd.gov
Representative Vonnie Pietsch          
Email: vpietsch@nd.gov
Representative Mike Schatz  
Email: mischatz@nd.gov
Representative Todd Porter   
Email: tkporter@nd.gov
Representative David Rust    
Email: drust@nd.gov
Representative Lawrence Klemin      
Email: lklemin@nd.gov
Representative Bob Skarphol
Email: bskarphol@nd.gov
Representative Gary Sukut    
Email: gsukut@nd.gov
Representative Chet Pollert   
Email: cpollert@nd.gov
Representative Matthew Klein          
Email: mklein@nd.gov
Representative Jim Kasper     
Email: jkasper@nd.gov
Representative Thomas Beadle          
Email: tbeadle@nd.gov
Representative Blair Thoreson           
Email: bthoreson@nd.gov
Representative RaeAnn Kelsch         
Email: rkelsch@nd.gov
Representative Scot Kelsh     
Email: skelsh@nd.gov
Representative Keith Kempenich      
Email: kkempenich@nd.gov
Representative Gary Kreidt   
Email: gkreidt@nd.gov
Representative Joyce Kingsbury        
Email: jkingsbury@nd.gov
Representative Ralph Metcalf           
Email: rmetcalf@nd.gov
Representative Kim Koppelman        
Email: kkoppelman@nd.gov
Representative George Keiser           
Email: gkeiser@nd.gov
Representative William Kretschmar  
Email: wkretschmar@nd.gov
Representative Joe Kroeber   
Email: jkroeber@nd.gov
Representative Bob Martinson          
Email: bmartinson@nd.gov
Representative Lisa Meier     
Email: lmeier@nd.gov
Representative Robert Kilichowski   
Email: rkilichowski@nd.gov
Representative Mark Sanford
Email: masanford@nd.gov
Representative Bill Devlin     
Email: bdevlin@nd.gov
Representative Ron Guggisberg        
Email: rguggisberg@nd.gov
Representative Joe Heilman   
Email: jaheilman@nd.gov
Representative Marvin Nelson           
Email: menelson@nd.gov
Representative Mark Owens  
Email: mowens@nd.gov
Representative Karen Rohr    
Email: kmrohr@nd.gov
Representative Jim Schmidt  
Email: jeschmidt@nd.gov
Representative Wayne Trottier          
Email: wtrottier@nd.gov
Representative Vicky Steiner
Email: vsteiner@nd.gov
Representative Roscoe Streyle          
Email: rstreyle@nd.gov
Representative Karen Karls   
Email: kkarls@nd.gov
Representative Gary Paur      
Email: gpaur@nd.gov
Representative John Wall      
Email: jwall@nd.gov
Representative Dave Weiler  
Email: dweiler@nd.gov
Representative Clark Williams           
Email: cdwilliams@nd.gov
Representative Lonny Winrich          
Email: lbwinrich@nd.gov
Representative Dwight Wrangham    
Email: dwrangham@nd.gov
Representative Steven Zaiser 
Email: szaiser@nd.gov
Representative Roger Brabandt         
Email: rbrabandt@nd.gov
Representative Dick Anderson          
Email: dickanderson@nd.gov
Representative Don Vigesaa  
Email: dwvigesaa@nd.gov
Representative Brenda Heller
Email: bheller@nd.gov
Representative Eliot Glassheim         
Email: eglassheim@nd.gov
Representative Bette Grande 
Email: bgrande@nd.gov
Representative Edmund Gruchalla    
Email: egruchalla@nd.gov
Representative Lyle Hanson  
Email: lhanson@n
Representative Patrick Hatlestad       
Email: phatlestad@nd.gov
Representative Robert Frantsvog      
Email: rfrantsvog@nd.gov
Representative Craig Headland         
Email: cheadland@nd.gov
Representative Chuck Damschen
Email: cdamschen@nd.gov
Representative David Drovdal          
Email: ddrovdal@nd.gov
Representative Curt Hofstad 
Email: chofstad@nd.gov
Representative Kathy Hogan 
Email: khogan@nd.gov
Representative Richard Holman        
Email: rholman@nd.gov
Representative Bob Hunskor 
Email: bhunskor@nd.gov
Representative Dennis Johnson         
Email: djohnson@nd.gov
Representative Nancy Johnson          
Email: njohnson@nd.gov
Representative Kathy Hawken          
Email: khawken@nd.gov
Representative Donald Clark 
Email: donclark@nd.gov
Representative Bill Amerman
Email: bamerman@nd.gov
Representative Larry Bellew 
Email: lbellew@nd.gov
Representative Wesley Belter
Email: wbelter@nd.gov
Representative Tracy Boe      
Email: tboe@nd.gov
Representative Randy Boehning       
Email: rboehning@nd.gov
Representative Mike Brandenburg    
Email: mbrandenburg@nd.gov
Representative Glen Froseth  
Email: gfroseth@nd.gov
Representative Al Carlson     
Email: acarlson@nd.gov
Representative Lee Kaldor    
Email: lakaldor@nd.gov
Representative Tom Conklin 
Email: tconklin@nd.gov
Representative Stacey Dahl   
Email: stdahl@nd.gov
Representative Duane DeKrey          
Email: ddekrey@nd.gov
Representative Lois Delmore 
Email: ldelmore@nd.gov
Representative Jeff Delzer     
Email: jdelzer@nd.gov
Representative Mark Dosch   
Email: mdosch@nd.gov
Representative Robin Weisz
Email: rweisz@nd.gov
Representative Alon Wieland
Email: awieland@nd.gov


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