Under The Hood

'Old Geezers' are cool

We’re not real big on trophies (we like to see cars in any condition), but we do like an unusual trophy and reader Dale M. Sutter’s recent accolades fit the bill. When we found out about the “Old Geezer” award that Sutter recently received, we had to share it here.

According to Sutter, the Twin City Cruisers, a Bloomington/Normal (Illinois) car club, held a cruise-in on Sept. 11 with an “Old Geezers Night” and presented an “Old Geezer” award to the eldest person with the oldest car by adding the owner’s age to the car’s age. Sutter had the winning total of 172 years when his age was added to that of his 96-year-old 1914 Ford Model T speedster.


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