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Pennsylvania bill will increase fees for vintage vehicles

Pennsylvania is considering substantial registration fee increases, from about 25 percent up to more than 100 percent. Pennsylvanians, take control of your wallet and contact legislators to stop the increase.


Pennsylvania Bill Would Increase Fees for Street Rods, Antiques, Classics & Collectible Vehicles

Legislation (H.B. 8A) introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature threatens to increase fees for all vehicle owners.  Under the bill, general passenger cars will face a $13 increase in their registration fee, while the one-time registration fee for antique, classic and collectible vehicles will go up by $27 (from $75 to $102) and the initial registration fee for street rods by $29 (from $20 to $51).  Additionally, each of these fees would be increased every year.  Under Pennsylvania law, an antique motor vehicle is a motor vehicle manufactured more than 25 years prior to the current year, a classic motor vehicle is a motor vehicle manufactured at least 15 years prior to the current year; a collectible motor vehicle is a reconstructed or modified motor vehicle substantially modified from the manufacturer’s original specifications and appearance and maintained in a collectible condition, and a street rod is a motor vehicle, or a reproduction thereof, with a model year of 1948 or older which has been materially altered or modified by the removal, addition or substitution of essential parts and with a gross weight or registered gross weight of not more than 9,000 pounds.
We Urge You to Contact Members of the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee (List Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to H.B. 8A
Currently, the owner of a vehicle applying for antique, classic or collectible registration pays a one-time $75 registration fee.  H.B. 8A would increase this fee to $102.
Currently, the owner of a street rod pays an initial registration fee of $20 and an annual registration renewal fee equivalent to the general passenger vehicle registration fee of $36.  H.B. 8A would increase the initial registration fee for street rods to $51 and the general passenger vehicle registration fee (which street rod owners must pay for registration renewal) to $49.
These fees would further increase each year under H.B. 8A by a percentage of this initial increase.  
H.B. 8A ignores the fact that these older cars are infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle) second or third vehicles and deserving of reduced registration fees.
H.B. 8A ignores the fact that many antique, classic and collectible vehicles are owned and maintained by low and fixed income Americans who are less able to afford a higher, annual fee.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee immediately by e-mail to request their opposition to H.B. 8A.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org. Thank you for your assistance.
Pennsylvania House Appropriations Committee
Representative Dwight Evans – Majority Chairman
Phone: 717/783-1540
Email: devans@pahouse.net
Representative William Adolph – Minority Chairman
Phone: 717/787-1248
Email: wadolph@pahousegop.com
Representative William Keller
Phone: 717/787-5774
Email: wkeller@pahouse.net
Representative Josh Shapiro
Phone: 717/783-7619
Email: jshapiro@pahouse.net
Representative Dan Frankel
Phone: 717/705-1875
Email: dfrankel@pahouse.net
Representative Kathy Manderino
Phone: 717/787-1254
Email: kmanderi@pahouse.net
Representative John Myers
Phone: 717/787-3181
Email: jmyers@pahouse.net
Representative Greg Vitali
Phone: 717/787-7647
Email: gvitali@pahouse.net
Representative Jake Wheatley
Phone: 717/783-3783
Email: jwheatley@pahouse.net
Representative Douglas Reichley
Phone: 717/787-1000
Email: dreichle@pahousegop.com
Representative Mario Scavello
Phone: 717/787-7732
Email: mscavell@pahousegop.com
Representative Gordon Denlinger
Phone: 717/787-3531
Email: gdenling@pahousegop.com
Representative David Millard
Phone: 717/783-1102
Email: dmillard@pahousegop.com
Representative Scott Petri
Phone: 717/787-9033
Email: spetri@pahousegop.com
Representative Dave Reed
Phone: 717/705-7173
Email: dreed@pahousegop.com
Representative Richard Stevenson
Phone: 717/783-6438
Email: rstevens@pahousegop.com
Representative Matther Bradford
Phone: 717/772-2572
Email: mbradford@pahouse.net
Representative Tim Briggs
Phone: 717/705-7011
Email: tbriggs@pahouse.net
Representative Scott Conklin
Phone: 717/787-9473
Email: sconklin@pahouse.net
Representative Eugene DePasquale
Phone: 717/787-7514
Email: edepasqu@pahouse.net
Representative John Galloway
Phone: 717/787-1292
Email: jgallowa@pahouse.net
Representative William Kortz
Phone: 717/787-8175
Email: bkortz@pahouse.net
Representative Deberah Kula
Phone: 717/772-1858
Email: dkula@pahouse.net
Representative Bryan Lentz
Phone: 717/787-8574
Email: blentz@pahouse.net
Representative Tim Mahoney
Phone: 717/772-2174
Email: tmahoney@pahouse.net
Representative Cherelle Parker
Phone: 717/783-2178
Email: cparker@pahouse.net
Representative John Siptroth
Phone: 717/787-6492
Email: jsiptrot@pahouse.net
Representative Matthew Smith
Phone: 717/783-1850
Email: msmith@pahouse.net
Representative Jewell Williams
Phone: 717/772-2004
Email: jwilliam@pahouse.net
Representative Brian Ellis
Phone: 717/787-7686
Email: bellis@pahousegop.com
Representative John Evans
Phone: 717/772-9940
Email: jevans@pahousegop.com
Representative Mauree Gingrich
Phone: 717/783-1815
Email: mgingric@pahousegop.com
Representative Glen Grell
Phone: 717/783-2063
Email: ggrell@pahousegop.com
Representative Thomas Killion
Phone: 717/772-0855
Email: tkillion@pahousegop.com
Representative Bernie O’Neill
Phone: 717/705-7170
Email: boneill@pahousegop.com



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