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Rare early Johnny Lightnings offered

From time to time, you’ll spot new Hot Wheels on this blog, but like many of you, I collect all types of die-casts (for me, it’s mainly 1:64 and 1:18). I am also a big vintage fan, so I wanted to give other die-cast fans a heads-up on an auction for several vintage ZAMAC JL car bodies that were never assembled. It’s a rare chance to own such cars, and with a low starting bid. Here’s the release:

Collect.com Auctions is currently offering some nice Topper Johnny Lighting
and Matchbox pieces in a Sports & Americana #3 sale that ends Dec. 3.

Among the Topper Johnny Lightning items are three raw, pre-production Zamac
prototype bodies, two of which are the Triple Threat and Custom XKE. If
you’re looking for Topper Johnny Lightning track sets, check out the Single
Drag Strip and the Johnny Lightning Topper Power Compressor. Both are
complete, unused and in their original packaging.

Also of note are a Matchbox Big MX Complete Recycling Site unused play set,
Matchbox presentation sample, and a lot of 96 Topper Johnny Lightning

And remember those Hot Wheels that Toy Cars & and Vehicles used to give out
as subscription premiums? Well, the 1955 Chevy is here, with a
pre-production sample that is void of tampos.

Bidding ends Dec. 3. Visit http://www.collect-auctions.com/catalog.aspx, click on the auctions
link and look for toys!

One thought on “Rare early Johnny Lightnings offered

  1. John Saric


    Greetings. I recently did an interview with Anita Smith about her redline collection, some of which are featured in your new book. We plugged the book at our website for diecast collectors, http://www.Diecastnutz.com

    The interview is featured on the main page.

    Please feel free to join!

    PS: I have many of your books. I also itnerviewed Mike Zarnock.

    Best Regards,

    John Saric


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