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SEMA Legisltative alert: Massachusetts

Pro-Hobbyist Massachusetts Street Rod and Custom Vehicle Bill Approved by House; Moves to Senate
A version of SEMA model legislation (H.B. 4871) to create a vehicle registration classification for street rods, custom vehicles, replicas and specially constructed vehicles was passed by the Massachusetts House.  The bill will now be considered by the full Massachusetts Senate.  H.B. 4871 defines a street rod as an altered vehicle manufactured before 1949 and a custom as an altered vehicle at least 25 years old and manufactured after 1948.  Replica vehicles are defined as assembled by a non-manufacturer from new or used parts that replicate an earlier year, make and model vehicle.  Specially constructed vehicles are those reconstructed or assembled by a non-manufacturer from new or used parts that have an exterior that does not replicate or resemble any other manufactured vehicle.  The bill allows replica vehicles to be assigned a certificate of title bearing both the year in which the vehicle was built and the make, model and year of the vehicle intended to be replicated.   
We Urge You to Contact ALL Members of the Massachusetts Senate Immediately (List Below) to Request Their Support for H.B. 4871
·        H.B. 4871 provides specific registration classes and license plates for street rods, customs, replicas and specially constructed vehicles.
·        H.B. 4871 provides that specially constructed and replica vehicles which are registered on or before June 30, 2011 would be exempt from emissions inspection requirements.  Specially constructed and replica vehicles registered after June 30, 2011 would be subject to emission control requirements based on the model year and configuration of the engine installed, whether the engine is an original equipment manufacturer’s production engine, rebuilt engine or crate engine.       Under the bill, if the model year of the engine installed in the specially constructed or replica vehicle requires an onboard diagnostic (OBD) system, the vehicle would be subject to an OBD system emissions test applicable to the certified configuration, including any exclusions or exemptions otherwise granted to that certified configuration.
H.B. 4871 provides that a replica vehicle will be assigned the same model year designation as the production vehicle it is intended to replicate, in addition to the actual year it was built. 

Please contact members of the Massachusetts Senate immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for H.B. 4871.   
Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.  Thank you for your assistance. 
Massachusetts State Senate
Senate President Therese Murray      
Email: Therese.Murray@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1500
Senator Steven A. Baddour
Email: Steven.Baddour@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1604
Senator Frederick E. Berry    
Email: Frederick.Berry@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1410
Senator Stephen M. Brewer   
Email: Stephen.Brewer@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1540
Senator Stephen J. Buoniconti           
Email: Stephen.Buoniconti@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1660
Senator Gale D. Candaras     
Email: Gale.Candaras@state.ma.us   
Phone: 617-722-1291
Senator Harriette L. Chandler           
Email: Harriette.Chandler@state.ma.us        
Phone: 617-722-1544
Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz     
Email: Sonia.Chang-Diaz@state.ma.us         
Phone: 617-722-1673
Senator Cynthia Stone Creem
Email: Cynthia.Creem@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1639
Senator Sal N. DiDomenico  
Email: Sal.DiDomenico@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1650
Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly 
Email: Kenneth.Donnelly@state.ma.us         
Phone: 617-722-1432
Senator Benjamin B. Downing          
Email: Benjamin.Downing@state.ma.us       
Phone: 617-722-1625
Senator James B. Eldridge     
Email: James.Eldridge@state.ma.us  
Phone: 617-722-1120
Senator Susan C. Fargo         
Email: Susan.Fargo@state.ma.us       
Phone: 617-722-1572
Senator Jennifer L. Flanagan 
Email: Jennifer.Flanagan@state.ma.us          
Phone: 617-722-1230
Senator Jack Hart       
Email: John.Hart@state.ma.us           
Phone: 617-722-1150
Senator Robert L. Hedlund   
Email: Robert.Hedlund@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1646
Senator Patricia D. Jehlen      
Email: Patricia.Jehlen@state.ma.us   
Phone: 617-722-1578
Senator Brian A. Joyce          
Email: Brian.A.Joyce@state.ma.us    
Phone: 617-722-1643
Senator Thomas P. Kennedy 
Email: Thomas.P.Kennedy@state.ma.us       
Phone: 617-722-1200
Senator Michael R. Knapik    
Email: Michael.Knapik@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1415
Senator Thomas M. McGee   
Email: Thomas.McGee@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1350
Senator Joan M. Menard        
Email: Joan.Menard@state.ma.us      
Phone: 617-722-1114
Senator Mark C. Montigny    
Email: Mark.Montigny@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1440
Senator Michael O. Moore     
Email: Michael.O.Moore@state.ma.us          
Phone: 617-722-1485
Senator Richard T. Moore     
Email: Richard.Moore@state.ma.us  
Phone: 617-722-1420
Senator Michael W. Morrissey           
Email: Michael.W.Morrissey@state.ma.us    
Phone: 617-722-1494
Senator Robert A. O’Leary    
Email: Robert.O’Leary@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1570
Senator Marc R. Pacheco       
Email: Marc.Pacheco@state.ma.us    
Phone: 617-722-1551
Senator Steven C. Panagiotakos        
Email: Steven.Panagiotakos@state.ma.us     
Phone: 617-722-1630
Senator Anthony Petruccelli  
Email: Anthony.Petruccelli@state.ma.us      
Phone: 617-722-1634
Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg           
Email: Stan.Rosenberg@state.ma.us 
Phone: 617-722-1532
Senator Richard J. Ross         
Email: Richard.Ross@state.ma.us     
Phone: 617-722-1555
Senator Karen E. Spilka         
Email: Karen.E.Spilka@state.ma.us
Phone: 617-722-1640
Senator Bruce E. Tarr
Email: Bruce.Tarr@state.ma.us         
Phone: 617-722-1600
Senator James E. Timilty       
Email: James.Timilty@state.ma.us    
Phone: 617-722-1222
Senator Richard R. Tisei        
Email: Richard.Tisei@state.ma.us     
Phone: 617-722-1206
Senator Steven A. Tolman     
Email: Steven.Tolman@state.ma.us  
Phone: 617-722-1280
Senator Susan C. Tucker
Email: Susan.Tucker@state.ma.us     
Phone: 617-722-1612
Senator Marian Walsh
Email: Marian.Walsh@state.ma.us    
Phone: 617-722-1348


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