Under The Hood

Tales of a new (and vintage) 1956 Fury buyer

Bob Rossi is a rare type of collector that editors dream about. Being a current 1956 Plymouth Fury owner, he not only has good taste, he’s had that good taste since 1956 when he ordered a new ’56 Fury as a 19-year-old kid. It must have been tough going because Rossi worked two jobs to make the car payment. Not all of Rossi’s leftover cash went into the gas tank, either. To top it all off (including the engine), he added a McCulloch supercharger to the Fury engine in short order and promptly began raisin’ hell around his hometown.

That original Fury is gone, but Rossi’s garage now hosts a project Fury and this beautiful Fury pictured below. Watch for Rossi’s tale told in his own words in an upcoming issue of Old Cars Weekly.

Bob Rossi bought this 1956 Plymouth Fury to replace the example he bought new and has missed since he traded it.

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