Under The Hood

Truck shopping — one of my favorite things!

Last weekend, I finally test-drove the gold 1999 GMC Sierra stepside that has been taunting me from a local used car lot since last fall. The two-wheel-drive, regular cab “Jimmy” is in exactly the configuration I would have bought in 1999, if I had been out of college and in a position to buy a new vehicle.

Since I no longer need the long box of my 2000 Chevy Silverado, I figured now would be a good time to get the GMC stepside I dreamed of from my college days. However, after test-driving the GMC from the used car lot, I realized my truck was much nicer. Plan nixed, and I happily rode home in my Chevy with a new appreciation for its condition.

Today, I found out my buddy and his wife are looking for a truck with more space to haul the Great Dane and possibly more people, so I’ll following along. He’s got great taste in vehicles (read: similar taste to me), and I always like watching him hunt for a new ride. His last few trucks have been Chevys, but maybe he’ll switch camps and go Ford or Dodge. Or maybe he’ll score my dream GMC stepside for himself.