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Wisconsin senate approves motor vehicle registration rights bill

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Wisconsin Senate Approves Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill

Legislation (S.B. 462/A.B. 580) that originally sought to provide legal registration to hobby vehicles with a clear title, required safety equipment and in good working order was passed unanimously by the Wisconsin Senate and will now be considered by the House.  However, due to opposition from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the bill was amended to now only affect Former Military Vehicles.  Several pro-hobby provisions of the bill with application to all hobby vehicles were eliminated to allow it to pass in the Senate.  While the amended bill does not solve the many problems associated with registering a hobby car in Wisconsin, it does provide incremental improvement to the rules governing Former Military Vehicles and is still worthy of our support.  A full House vote on the bill could come as early as Thursday, March 15, 2012.

We Urge You to Contact All Members of the Wisconsin House of Representatives (Contact Info Below) Immediately to Request Support for S.B. 462/H.B. 580

S.B. 462/A.B. 580 restores regular registration options to Former Military Vehicles, like those which are available to civilian vehicles.  Operation under that registration remains subject to Wisconsin Equipment Standards.

S.B. 462/A.B. 580 does not change an owner’s ability to register Former Military Vehicles for Historic Military Vehicle (HMV) Registration, which allows operation to parades or shows.
DON’T DELAY!  Please contact members of the Wisconsin House of Representatives immediately to request their support for S.B. 462/A.B. 580.  Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org.

Wisconsin House of Representatives

To e-mail all members of the Wisconsin House, copy and paste the email address block below:

Rep.August@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Ballweg@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Barca@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Berceau@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Berceau@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.BernardSchaber@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Bernier@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Bewley@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Bies@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Billings@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Brooks@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Clark@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Coggs@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Craig@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Craig@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Cullen@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Danou@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Danou@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Doyle@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Endsley@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Farrow@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Fields@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Fitzgerald@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Grigsby@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Hebl@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Hintz@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Honadel@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Hulsey@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Jacque@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Jorgensen@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Jorgensen@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kapenga@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kaufert@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kaufert@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kerkman@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kessler@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kestell@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kleefisch@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Klenke@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Knilans@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Knodl@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Knudson@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kooyenga@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kramer@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Krug@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Krusick@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Kuglitsch@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Larson@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.LeMahieu@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Litjens@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Loudenbeck@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Marklein@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Mason@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Meyer@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Milroy@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Molepske@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Mursau@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Murtha@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Nass@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Nerison@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Nygren@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Ott@legis.wisconsin.gov;Rep. OttJ@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Pasch@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Petersen@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Petrowski@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Petryk@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Pocan@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Pope-Roberts@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Pridemore@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Radcliffe@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Richards@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Ringhand@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Ripp@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Rivard@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Roys@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Seidel@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Severson@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Sinicki@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Spanbauer@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Staskunas@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Steinbrink@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Steineke@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Stone@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Strachota@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Stroebel@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Suder@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Tauchen@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Taylor@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Thiesfeldt@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Tiffany@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Toles@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Tranel@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Turner@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.VanRoy@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Vos@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Vruwink@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Weininger@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.WilliamsM@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Wynn@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Young@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Zama@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Zepnick@legis.wisconsin.gov; Rep.Ziegelbauer@legis.wisconsin.gov

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin senate approves motor vehicle registration rights bill

  1. Brad Jakubiak

    “Several pro-hobby provisions of the bill with application to all hobby vehicles were eliminated to allow it to pass in the Senate.” That is misleading, and the preservation community has been following this attempt by some to dilute Wisconsin’s pro-preservation ‘Collector’ registration requirements which specify that Collector vehicles must be historically correct.

    Although in Wisconsin the modifiers have for years been eligible for ‘Hobbyist’ registrations for their altered vehicles and enjoyed the same privileges as those eligible for ‘Collector’ registration, for reasons of their own some of them had been lobbying to add the word “substantially” to the originality requirement. WisDOT saw through that move and opposed it, as did enough legislators to scratch the word “substantially”, which would have rendered ‘Collector’ eligibility meaningless and unenforceable from the final bill.

    (As an extreme illustration of “substantially historic”: imagine Mount Rushmore with Groucho glasses on one president’s face.)

  2. mark poyhonen

    The real concern was with a collector being denied registration because an older vehicle had a cd player that was not part of the original vehicle options.
    WisDOT saw through this obvious subterfuge and denied the registration of this substantially modified vehicle.
    That is not an extreme example – it’s a real occurance.


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