One thought on “1969-Z28-main3-rear

  1. Jim Sullivan

    Hi, I’m hoping that this e-mail gets to the owner of the yellow 1969 z28. If it does, then I’d love to talk with you. I have several old c-1 and c-2 corvettes as well as a 1953 chevy 3600 5 window pick up. It took me 20 years to find the 1958 corvette that I wanted and I have been on the trail of a 1969 z28 for over 10 years now. Unfortunately, everytime I get close, I find that it is not an authentic z28 but just another jackass trying to rip someone off.

    I spent 9 months helping a buddy of mine in 1975 rebuilding a 1969 z28. Two weeks after painting her and firing her up, he lost control of her and smashed it thu the doors of a local fire station.

    I loved that car and would like to add one to my small but reputable collection.

    Can you offer up some advice on locating one that is not a knock off? I live in washington state and am not opposed to buying it in distress mode either.

    Thanks, Jim Sullivan