Car of the Week: 1964 Ford Country Squire

By Don Edge

My dad’s 1964 Ford Country Squire sat in its garage for 53 years free of driving and free of direct sunlight.

My dad grew up in the depression and as a 16 year old he had to drop out of High School and work to support his mom and sister. Then there was World War II and he went off to serve his country in the South Pacific before he could get down to raising a family and incur all the expenses that came with raising kids and buying a home.

When he got a chance to buy his first new car it was a really big deal after putting everybody in his life first and himself last. He special ordered his Country Squire to his color choice and specifications with the 289 engine and a three-on-the-tree transmission along with power nothing. He always told me that “the more sh-t you get on a car, the more sh-t you have to go wrong.” Anyway, to put it mildly, this car was his pride and joy and only brought out for Sunday rides in the country and special occasions. I am now trying to respect his love for this car and treat it with the same loving care that he did.

There is something about a totally manual-driving car experience that puts you in a more intimate relationship with the soul of that machine.

When I drive this car it is like Dad is in the backseat driving with me… “SLOW DOWN! …. Don’t race that engine!” and the other special instructions he would give. But I still think he would really approve of how his Squire is being treated nowadays.



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