Car of the Week

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Car of the Week: 1957 Desoto Sportsman

Jeff Baker became the latest in a short succession of owners who have all treated his gorgeous 1957 DeSoto Sportsman gently. He has added 9,000 miles to the clock in the past 23 years, bringing the total to 22,000 miles and change.


Car of the Week: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Two years removed from its major restyling for 1963, the second-generation Corvette reached its midway point in 1965 with a model that was cleaned up slightly in the exterior styling department and debuted a few big performance improvements.


Car of the Week: 1948 DeSoto Custom convertible coupe

Ken Steinke had always wanted to do at least one custom car project in his lifetime. So when he was convinced the time had finally come to customize a car, he choose a 1948 DeSoto that he already owned and had drooled over since the first time he laid eyes on it.


Car of the Week: 1935 Auburn Custom Six

Curt and Janine Schulze restore Auburns and reproduce Auburn parts through Auburns Midwest, their Prescott, Wis., business. Yet their favorite Auburn may very well be the featured unrestored 1935 Custom Six sedan.