30’s Cars

1930s cars: Catch the latest news and feature stories on cars from this dazzling Depression decade, when automotive styling was in its golden age, but few people had the copper to buy bread, let alone a new car. Here, you’ll find articles related to everything 1930s, from the flathead Ford to the stovebolt Chevrolet to the quality Chrysler products. Many interesting independents sank or swam during the Depression, and examples of those beautifully streamlined cars that fought for survival are also covered, whether the radiator represented Studebaker, Hupmobile, Cord, Graham or anyone of the other innovative makes to craft automobiles in the pre-World War II era.

A rodder’s reverse restoration

Reversing a trend of rodders finding restored cars to build, or original-condition project cars to modify, this highboy was being restored to original condition when the current owner bought it.

Buick find: Gear head buys his ‘first love’

Almost every collector remembers the first car they drove, or the first car that brought them into the hobby as a kid. Very few of those collectors have the chance to own one of those special cars from their past, but count Leonard Anderson among the lucky few who owns the...

Ford family reunion: Invitational to reunite longtime stable mates

By Bill Rothermel This year’s Invitational at Saratoga on May 20 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., will reunite two former roommates 44 years after they last shared a roof. Jim DeGolyer’s 1929 Ford Model A Tudor and Jason Tagliaferri’s 1934 Ford V-8 Cabriolet were parked together in Caroga Lake, N.Y., until 1967...

Museum is focus of new Model A foundation

By Peter Winnewisser In 1987, several Model A Ford enthusiasts who were determined to save not only Model A cars and trucks, but also the memorabilia and documented history of the Model A, formed the Model A Ford Foundation Inc. (MAFFI). The purpose of the foundation is to preserve Model A...