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1930s cars: Catch the latest news and feature stories on cars from this dazzling Depression decade, when automotive styling was in its golden age, but few people had the copper to buy bread, let alone a new car. Here, you’ll find articles related to everything 1930s, from the flathead Ford to the stovebolt Chevrolet to the quality Chrysler products. Many interesting independents sank or swam during the Depression, and examples of those beautifully streamlined cars that fought for survival are also covered, whether the radiator represented Studebaker, Hupmobile, Cord, Graham or anyone of the other innovative makes to craft automobiles in the pre-World War II era.

Toby Keith has a ’30 Lincoln?

When I think of country singers, I think of beat up pickups and maybe an old Cadillac with bull horns bolted to the hood (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But a Classic-era ride? I never would have believed … More »

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Never too young for a ’34 Ford

A 33-year-old collector patiently waited 10 years before he was able to buy this 1934 Cabriolet in showroom condition. More »

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Dandy Delivery Trucks

A look at some of the trucks that made Ford number one in 1937 for their custom delivery bodies. More »

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‘Old School’ Rods from South Dakota

Old Cars Weekly reader Coy Thomas is always on the lookout for great photos to share with readers. This group of photos features cars from around the Sioux Falls, S.D. area. More »

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Buick beauty: ’31 phaeton was a fabulous find

It was advertised as ‘1931 Buick phaeton … needs everything,’ Turns out, the classified ad for Maureen Bartron’s fabulous droptop didn’t do this car justice. More »

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Time warp hot rod: Martin’s ’32 five-window

Fifty years ago, month after month, Hot Rod Magazine, Rod & Custom and Car Craft featured souped-up cars from all over the country. If you were a hot rodder in the ’50s, your fondest dream was to have an early ’30s Ford roadster or a coupe. Then, you wanted to get your car featured in a major car magazine. For most hot rodders, that was only a dream. But not for a guy named Dick Martin. His full-fendered, jet-black five-window was the subject of a full feature in Car Craft, and thankfully, this car remains almost exactly as it appeared so long ago. More »

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Diamond Anniversary: 1933 Fords In Spotlight

The Early Ford V8 Club will acknowledge the 1933 Ford as part of its Grand National celebration, to be held July 14-19 in Dearborn, Mich. The 75th anniversary of the 1933 Ford will coincide with the 45th anniversary celebration of the Early Ford V8 Club. More »

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’34 Chrysler Airflow and 115 other Barn Finds Selling on eBay

1934 Chrysler Airflow, 108 vintage cars and trucks plus 9 tractors offered on single eBay sale. More »

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Depression-era car thieves found Classics a ‘steal’

Car thievery is nothing new. Although they were low in resale value and operating economy, the Classics were certainly well built. They were large automobiles, constructed of much better grades of steel and iron than, say, a mid-’30s Chevy or Ford. They were built using lots of brass, copper, nickel and aluminum parts. So while they weren’t worth a lot for transportation purposes, they did have a relatively high salvage value, even during the Depression. It was because of this that a gang of car thieves in California began “collecting” Classic cars earlier than most of us. More »

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One-in-a-Million Original ’38 Buick Special Business Coupe

Editor Input Needed More »

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