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Vintage Vanderbilt Packard picture found?

You may recall the article on the unusual 1934 Packard Rollston town car that appeared in Old Cars Weekly and this website here. While writing that article, I knew I had seen a picture of a similar car on eBay, but I could not find it anywhere. Well, as my luck goes, I found the photo again after the story ran and picked it up to share with OCW readers.

That wire photo, shown here, dates to 1937. The caption on the back reads:

Bache Home to House Bache Art Gift to Gotham

View of the home of Jules S. Bache on Fifth Avenue, which will be reuilt as a museum to house the $30,000,000 art collection which the noted philanthropist and banker has donated to New York City. The Bache Art Collection is rated among the finest in the world of private groups.

There’s no mention of the 1934 Packard town car, unfortunately, but it sure looks suspiciously similar to the car in the OCW article, and after conferring with Packard historian Jim Pearsall, he agrees it might be the very same car in the article. And if it’s not, well, the sight of a 1934 Packard is never hard on the eyes.

1934 Packard believed to be sporting Rollston town car coachwork. The car is pictured on New York City's Fifth Avenue in 1937.

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