40’s Cars

1940s cars: Although often overshadowed by the decades immediately before and after, the 1940s were an important era in automobile history, and the decade of the ’40s gets its due here with news and feature stories. From air conditioning to fully automatic transmission to overhead-valve V-8 engines, automobiles evolved by leaps and bounds during the 1940s. Although World War II put production of civilian automobiles and trucks on hiatus as factories manned by those on the home front built tanks and planes and weaponry for the Allieds, manufacturers brought wartime advancements to the street. And American automobiles and trucks buyers benefit.

A ’41 Ford worth restoring

It all began with my 1941 Ford pickup truck that I purchased for a whopping $100 in July 1960. This original-owner beauty was an old farm truck with 22,000 miles and came with a four-cylinder engine that threw a rod.