‘Stroker McGurk’ creator loses ’40 Ford in garage fire

Fund established for rebuild effort

BURBANK, Calif. – Tom Medley, creator of the “Stroker McGurk” cartoon character that appeared in Hot Rod magazine in the 1950s, once joked he would have liked to own a flamed ’40 Coupe.

But this isn’t what he had in mind.

In mid-October, Medley suffered a hot rodder’s most feared nightmare – a fire that destroyed nearly all the contents of his garage – tools, welders, sewing machines, car parts, memorabilia, etc.

Medley escaped injury but his beloved 1940 Ford Deluxe coupe wasn’t so lucky. It was heavily damaged, a near total loss. In response, Medley’s friends and family have joined together to rebuild the car and get the 91-year-old hot rod legend behind the wheel again.

News of Medley’s misfortune quickly spread through the hot rod community, triggering an outpouring of support that has been remarkable. Currently, the car is being rebuilt by car-builder Randy Clark and his talented staff at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido, Calif.

Considering the resources required to complete the project, help is needed. For those hot rodders interested in helping Stroker rebuild his ’40, a fund has been established to donate additional support. Regardless of the amount, everyone who pitches in will receive a gift from Medley himself.

Interested in helping? If so, please visit one of two websites, www.vintageair.com/medley.asp, or www.hotrodscustomstuff.com. A click on the DONATE button will lead to PayPal, where a debit or credit card can be used to pledge support. Being a PayPal member is NOT required. Checks can also be sent to the The Stroker McGurk 40 Ford Trust, 2710 Vista Crest Road, Orange, CA 92867.

If you are not familiar with Medley’s involvement in the sport of hot rodding, see the January 2011 issue of Rod & Custom (http://tinyurl.com/6uohbtf). A photo essay in The Rodder’s Journal, Issue 7, also detailed Medley’s career with Hot Rod and Rod & Custom magazines.

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4 thoughts on “‘Stroker McGurk’ creator loses ’40 Ford in garage fire

  1. Air-Cooled

    Why a fund for helping rebuild the car – wasn’t it insured?? I’ve insured my cars for years . . . if there was no insurance, why should I ante up for someone who chose to assume the risk themselves and is now facing the consequences of their own decision – as much as I don’t like them, insurance companies are ultimately like a large cookie jar that everyone contributes a little to so that when one of the contributors has a big loss, he can draw on the contents of that cookie jar. If someone’s too cheap or selfish to contribute to that cookie jar, why should anyone else help him out??

  2. Bill Davis

    This is reason all my collector cars are located in CONCRETE garage built by grandad (pops) in 1949
    and 2 foot thick walls of concrete – and display room same construction – and restoration garage also
    same build – all car bays seperated by wall – the outside grounds – gravel -and paved drive nothing to
    burn within 200 feet of garage – roof material all metal – and sprinkler system protection inside and out !
    common sense -even in 49 – pops always said protection begins with proper storage !

  3. Bob Edgren

    My guess is that it was insured but ;for how much I don’t know. The cost of restoration is probably more than just the appraised value. Restorations are far more costly than you can imagine. Cars are going at auction in this market for less than half what it cost to restore. This is a very special car for a very special person. If you don’t want to donate for some reaason that is fine. But who needs the nasty comments.


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