50′s Cars

1950s cars: Cars and trucks of the 1950s began turning necks and stopping traffic the minute they landed on the showroom floor, and they continue to give chiropractors a fair share of business. Even today, the brilliant chrome, whitewall tires and bright colors coating wildly stamped body panels remain a sight to make child and adult alike stop and stare. Stroll through news and features stories on the toothy, tailfinned dream machines of the 1950s and relive the period when Elvis was king and salesmen still sold new Studebakers.

Car of the Week: 1956 Ford Customline


Bill Harper simply couldn’t help himself after he took a stroll through the Auburn car corral and saw his dream car for sale: a 1956 Ford Customline Victoria in two-tone green. More »

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Real Deal: Meet an original — and rare — ’51 Merc

Story and photos by Angelo Van Bogart Sometimes it pays to be left in the dust. Take the Mercury Monterey two-door sedan as an example. In 1951, the Monterey was one of the dustiest new cars on a showroom floor … More »

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Hess & Eisenhardt Eisenhower 1955 Cadillac offered at auction

1955 Cadillac Series 75 Presidential Limousine from the Eisenhower White House to be auctioned in Auburn, Indiana, Sept. 1 – 4, 2011 Want a hardtop AND a sedan? If you’re a 1955 Cadillac fan and owner like I am, Auctions … More »

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Car of the Week: 1953 Buick Super convertible


Buyers could order their Buick Super as a two-door convertible, Riviera two-door hardtop, four-door sedan or four-door wagon. More »

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A Back to the 50′s blast

As someone who spent tens of thousands of dollars and several years of his life getting a journalism degree, I hate the MSRA’s Back to the 50′s event. As a car enthusiast, the event is like Christmas in June. I’ve … More »

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For sale: T-bird collection, resto shop parts

Weekend auction includes 40-year collection More »

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Tin badges: Toy cars of the ’50s highway patrol


I’m not sure who’s more hopped up about the June 24 release of the movie “Cars 2,” my 10-year-old son Tyler or I. The original “Cars” is one of our favorite movies. We’ve watched it several times on DVD since its original 2006 theatrical release. The attention to detail in that movie, from an automotive standpoint, is incredible. With each new viewing, I’m still finding interesting things I’d not caught before. I’m certain the sequel will offer the same amazing detail. More »

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1959 Ford station wagon has room to zoom

Mildly modified ’59 Ford Country Sedan still pulls its weight More »

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Travel ‘Back to the ’50s’ in Minnesota

Mecum Hot Rod Auction will be June 17-18
More »

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Car of the Week: 1954 Kaiser Darrin

Donald Dettore figures he’s had his eye on his 1954 Kaiser-Darrin roadster for about five decades, give or take a year or two. For most of that time, he tracked the car from afar as it changed owners multiple times. When he finally had his chance to bring home his own copy of the famous, and some would say star-crossed, two-seater, there was no hesitation.

More »

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