60’s Cars

1960s: If the 1950s were all flash, the 1960s were all dash. The size of cars and trucks grew larger during the 1960s, but so did the cubic inches under the hoods, and it didn’t take long for that 1960s free spirit to channel the power of a full-size car engine into the chassis of a smaller car to produce spirited power. In addition to hairy quarter-mile heroes, the era produced refined cocktail cruisers and increasing amounts of kiddie-carrying station wagons. Then and now, there’s a 1960s car or truck for every taste, yet they all have something in common: good looks and good power.

LBJ’s Lincoln Continental to be offered at auction

Everybody knows about the Kennedy Lincolns, but did you know President Lyndon B. Johnson was also a Lincoln man? And not just in front of the populace? The 36th president of the United States was a Lincoln man at home and in the office, and owned a white 1964 Continental convertible. Now, that Lincoln...

Remember the Class of ’62?

As the spotlight moves upon a car reaching the milestone of its 50th birthday, the added visibility can increase its collectibility and value. Since five notable cars that were “all new” in 1962 will be celebrating a golden anniversary this year, it’s worth taking a look at where they’re headed for 2012.

Car of the Week: 1966 Chevrolet Caprice

Dave Schaller's older brother drove a 1966 Caprice that left quite an impression. And when his big brother threw Schaller the keys to the Chevy and told him he could use it while he was away serving in the military, Schaller became a Caprice fan for life.

Camaro voted ‘Best Chevy of All Time’

DETROIT – Nearly 125,000 Chevrolet fans have spoken, naming the 1969 Camaro the “Best Chevy of All Time.” As part of Chevrolet’s Centennial celebration, fans were asked to vote for their favorite vehicle from Chevrolet’s 100-year history. During the four-round, elimination bracket, the 1969 Camaro garnered 25,058 of the 124,368 votes cast, edging out...

Deceptively Hot: Buick’s beautiful 1960s Gran Sports

By Angelo Van Bogart When General Motors introduced its new line of intermediate-sized cars for 1964, Pontiac and Chevrolet were quick to include hotter versions with hot-sounding names, and the reception was more than lukewarm. Pontiac’s hot LeMans was the GTO, and Chevrolet’s hot new Chevelle Malibu borrowed the hallowed  Super Sport designation. Oldsmobile...

Car of the Week: 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne

By Brian Earnest Bruce Perreault tries to play it low-key when it comes to his menacing 1966 Chevrolet Biscayne. He tries not to brag about the car’s pedigree or its success at the major judged shows where it has recently appeared. But when inquiring minds ask the inevitable question — “How fast is it?”...

‘First funny car’ 1964 Dodge Charger to hit block

A 1964 Dodge Charger? Believe it. Dodge didn’t shake the earth with the Charger model name on a production car until 1966, of course, but there were earlier rumblings with the name. In 1964, Dodge built an open-cockpit Charger show car based on the 1964 Polara/440/330 platform. That same year, three 330 coupe drag...

Car of the Week: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Mark Ciesielski had his heart set on a Mach 1 Mustang, and when he got a look at the brilliant Gulfstream Aqua paint job and fantastic overall condition of the totally restored 1969 that showed up in his neighborhood one day, he knew he had found the right car.