60’s Cars

1960s: If the 1950s were all flash, the 1960s were all dash. The size of cars and trucks grew larger during the 1960s, but so did the cubic inches under the hoods, and it didn’t take long for that 1960s free spirit to channel the power of a full-size car engine into the chassis of a smaller car to produce spirited power. In addition to hairy quarter-mile heroes, the era produced refined cocktail cruisers and increasing amounts of kiddie-carrying station wagons. Then and now, there’s a 1960s car or truck for every taste, yet they all have something in common: good looks and good power.

Car of the Week: 1969 Hurst Olds

Whether you preferred your cars flashy or refined, hair-raising or classy, heart-attack fast or just smooth and sophisticated, it was hard to find much to criticize with the 1969 Hurst/Olds.

Car of the Week: 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda ‘Mod Top’

Gary Casagranda admits that if anyone was going to love and preserve his rare and ultra-unique 1969 Plymouth Barracuda “Mod Top,” he was probably the right man for the job. He almost felt a sense of duty in keeping the car in once piece after his childhood friend, who owned the...

Car of the Week: 1960 Ford Starliner

When Irene Firestone offered Larry Van Marter her 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner for free, Van Marter should have been tipped off that the car wasn’t as he remembered. But love can be blind, and when Van Marter had first spotted the Light Aqua/Aquamarine Starliner eight years earlier, in 1964, he was...

Car of the Week: 1969 Ford Torino GT

Back in 1975, the deal didn’t seem to be all that great for Bob Quast. Not only did he lose part of a digit in a work accident, but the incident somehow led to him parking his beloved 1969 Ford Torino GT. Now, 35 years later, the whole episode seems...

Car of the Week: 1967 International Travelall

Even though he owns one of the most well-appointed and wonderfully preserved 1967 International Travelalls you’ll find anywhere, Bill Schabel just can’t bring himself to coddle his IHC. After all, the vehicle has the word “Travel” in its name, and Schabel figures there is simply no way such a machine ever...

Car of the Week: 1969 Mercury Montego

When he was a teen-ager on the prowl for his first car, Nick Herzfeldt didn’t expect to wind up with his great-grandfather’s Mercury Montego. And he darn sure didn’t expect to still be driving it, showing it and generally having a ball with it 24 years later.

Car of the Week: 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster

The way Jeff Leslie figured it, if he was going to take on a challenge as ominous as fully restoring an elusive and obscure 1966 Ford Bronco roadster, he was going to go all the way. Two years later, with his unusual Bronco finally finished, Leslie could confidently declare his mission...

Car of the Week: 1968 Mustang GT-350

In spite of all its machismo, fearsome looks and tire-smoking reputation, one of the things Mark Spaude likes most about his sweet 1968 Shelby GT-350 Mustang is it’s simply a nice car to drive. It’s pretty reliable, it runs good, and it drives like a dream, especially for a muscle car.