One thought on “81

  1. John Fulkerson

    I follow the Duesenberg owners and car numbers. I probably know this car but had never heard of “The Ginger Roger’s Duesenbers”. Do you have the list of owners over the years. I used to go to Auburn every year for the ACD festival and jawboned all night in the President’s suite in the Auburn Hotel with Ray Wolf, etc.cell707-301-9000.

    I guess Jay Leno bought the Leo Fellipo Duesenbers rumored to have belonged to E. L. Cord personally that could be converted from a limo to an open car. The paint pattern rumored to have been chosen by Leo Fellipo from a cookie box wrapper in purple and blue. It was in his garage on Geary Ave. in San Francisco for years behind the family ice cream shop but we never could talk our way in to see it. I think Jay Leno won first place at pebble beach with it some years ago.


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