Pre-War Classics

Prewar Classics: Perhaps the only truly great thing to come out of the Great Depression were the Classics, those often large and very powerful machines with couture coachwork built by cutting-edge body builders. Although these ultra-expensive cars were built for the wealthiest of clientele before the October 1929 stock market crash, the drive to stay alive by builders of these innovative chassis and custom-made bodies in the ensuing 1930s produced the most elegant and beautiful automobiles the world has seen. Here, news and features stories on those extraordinary cars recognized by the Classic Car Club of America are featured, from the straight-eight-powered Duesenberg and Packard to the V-16 Marmon and Cadillac along with every other Classic-era creation that elevated the automobile to an art form.

Car of the Week: 1920 Ford Model TT Truck

Bob Hansen is never in a hurry when he is behind the wheel of his gorgeous 1920 Ford Model TT truck. The venerable Ford wasn’t meant to go very fast, and that’s just the way Hansen likes it these days.

What is it?

Bill Napoli of the Motion Unlimited Museum in Rapid City, S.D., asked the OCW staff to identify the early touring in this vintage photo.  Unfortunately, this one has us stumped. Someone with more knowledge of late-1910s and 1920s cars should be able to easily identify this car with its unique radiator...

Car of the Week: 1912 Buick Model 43

Patrick Hopkins had been around his grandfather’s spectacular 1912 Buick his entire life. The car was, as the cliché goes, just another member of the family. He had even been warned that the car would be his when his grandfather finally decided he had owned it long enough.

Still, when...

Car of the Week: 1910 IHC Auto Wagon

The term “cross-over” is a relatively new moniker that has been slapped on many new vehicles in recent years. You see them everywhere, in all shapes and sizes — modern, high-tech, operator-friendly “tweener” rigs that are part car, part station wagon and part sports utility vehicle.

Steve and Dixie McNeely,...

Car of the Week: 1908 Black

Bob Benz isn’t in a hurry to get the 1908 Black Model 112 Runabout in perfect running order because he has a bunch of other old vehicles that need his attention, including a Maxwell, a couple of Kaiser Darrins, a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan he’s had since 1962 that he’d like to...

Car of the Week: 1928 Essex Sedan

It’s only really been about three years since Larry Jarvis stuck his toe in the old car hobby waters and mustered up the courage to buy his first collector car. And even though he’s still a bit of a rookie these days, Jarvis has to laugh at just how naive and...

Rare 1923 Stutz touring heads home

A 1923 Stutz seven-passenger touring, the only known surviving example and found in exceptional original condition, is headed back to its origins - Indianapolis. Like many rarities in the A.K. Miller collection, it was hidden away for decades.