Weathered wheels: the ones that didn’t make it

Most old wheels don’t live out their final days in protective garages, routinely pampered with wax. Some in fact are downright neglected, abandoned, and given up to the grueling forces of nature. Such is the case of these “Weathered Wheels” found at an abandoned salvage yard. Look, and weep.

Believe it or not, this is the inverted remnants of a ’55 Dodge convertible. In the second photo, note the lever on the dash for the 2-speed Power Flyte automatic transmission selector.

The remains of a top-of-the-line ‘58 Chevy Impala Convertible.

The shape of the grille bar would appear to indicate that this is the remains of a ’53 Ford pickup. A broken cylinder head from a Ford flathead V8 nearby would also appear to be consistent.

Krause Publications’ Standard Catalog of Old Cars, 1946-1975, would indicate that this is the remains of a 1959 Rambler Series 10, Six Cylinder Sedan. The D-690808 serial number would seem to indicate a fairly late build date.

All that’s left of a ’57 or ’58 Mercury 2-door sedan.



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