One thought on “Lake Michigan 2010 012c

  1. Raymond F. Pittam

    I have owned both a mustang and several Corvair’s. When it comes to driving in the mountains and racing on curves I will take a chevrolet Corvair two to one over the Mustang. As for over all Comfort in the ride Corvair has a much smoother ride. And when it came to beauty, Corvair was Tops. BUT: When it came to the fastest Drag, the Mustang would walk away from the Corvair although you might have to buy new tires at the end of the drag. Ths Mustang was way to light in the rear end and would many times fish tail all over the road if you had the least bt of sand or gravel under the wheels. If these two cars was sitting side by side as they are in the photo, I would buy the Corvair two to one over the Mustang. Another thing about the Corvair. If you was in a head on collision as I was, I ended up pulling the fenders out from the wheels and drove it home pulling a Malibu Chevrolet. You would not do that with the Mustang. And as for driving safety. I owned several Corvair’s as well as Fords and still today would rather own a nice Corvair over any Ford on the market or road. I now own and drive another car many didn’t like, and all three are Studebaker’s as well as own a Classic Rambler 660 and would not trade any of the four for a Mustang. My best Ford was a 1949 Convertible With the Continental. I have owned a 55, 56. 57 Ford Fairlane with the Retractable Top and another 1959. Then a 53 Ford Fairlane piece of Ford tin with a small motor that had no power. My last ford was a 1964. Never again will I ever own a ford Motors vehicle.. they are like the Harley Davidson, way over rated.


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