Decades of great Buicks in Urbana, Ill

A 1958 Limited convertible and a 1953 Skylark were
situated in the center of the Buick display in Urbana, Ill.,
for the 12th Annual Motor Muster in Urbana. 

Twenty-three Buicks spanning models from 1908 to 1983 were included in a special display at the 12th annual Motor Muster in Urbana, Ill. The display marked the 100th anniversary of General Motors. Proceeds from the show benefited the Cunningham Children’s Home. 

The show, held by the Illini Collector Car Club, was in conjunction with the city’s Aug. 23, 2008 Sweetcorn Festival. Mike Balogh was the show organizer., and support came from the Urbana Business Association.

Mike Balogh, show chairman, showed his rare 1929
Marquette sports roadster, a companion car to Buick.

Thousands of onlookers marveled at the stately simplicity of a 1908 Buick Model F touring car displayed by Jim Bloomstrand. Next oldest was a brass 1910 Model 10 touring brought by Tom Maudlin. Bloomstrand also fielded a 1923 Model 4-SD truck with a depot-hack-style wood body in unrestored condition. Displayed among extremely well-restored cars, the truck drew a constant stream of onlookers who seemed to enjoy its rarity.

Balogh brought his scarce 1929 Marquette sports roadster. An appreciative public voted the Best Buick award to a 1940 Special phaeton displayed by Lyn Barrow of White Heath, Ill. Other prewar cars included a 1931 Model 57 sedan, a 1934 Model 50 sedan and a 1941 Super Eight sedan.

Postwar Buicks in the display ranged from a 1949 Roadmaster sedan from Blossom Basket Florist in Urbana to a 1983 Riviera convertible brought by Judy Munds of Ivesdale, Ill. Among those given a special invitation by Balogh were a 1953 Skylark convertible and a 1958 Limited convertible, both owned by Wayne Weber, a Buick dealer in Champaign, who calls his milestone cars “works of art.” Balogh noted that this display saluted the 105th anniversary of Buick, making it the oldest brand in the current GM lineup.

The show was limited to 100 cars of various makes, with 10 special awards given. The Youngest Owner award went to 19-year-old Evan File for bringing his 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1. 

This reporter addressed the crowd on the subject of Old Cars Weekly and trends in the hobby, noting a move toward younger people discovering brass-age cars made prior to 1916. “It’s nice to know younger people are becoming more interested as really old cars become available,” noted Maudlin.

For more about the show or club, contact Mike Balogh at 217-355-1704 ( 

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