New coin commemorates Henry Ford’s 150th


The Early Ford V-8 Foundation has been licensed by the Ford Motor Company to offer a Commemorative Coin that celebrates the 150th birth date of Henry Ford (1863-1947). Anyone purchasing these coins will be helping with the Foundation’s mission to build a replica of Henry Ford’s iconic Rotunda building.

“As Henry Ford’s great-great- grandson, I am pleased to support this commemorative coin project,” said Henry Ford III. “It is one of the several means being used to remember Henry Ford on the150th anniversary of his birth. This coin will help us celebrate the many ways Henry Ford and the Ford family influenced the American way of life and it will also support the campaign to build a replica of Henry’s famous building.. the Rotunda.”

Endorsed by Henry Ford III and licensed by the FoMoCo, each coin is $9.95 and can be obtained through the Foundation’s website or its own special website

While it is licensed FoMoCo, they have generously waived their royalty fees in their support of the work of the Foundation. Each coin comes in a protective trifold which informs its reader of some of the accomplishments of Henry Ford as well as the history of the Rotunda.

The coin is gold finished and is 11/4 inches wide.




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