Getting Started

Welcome to the Old Cars Weekly Community!

This site has a lot to offer—social networking, blogs, videos, forums and photo gallaries—and much more. With so much going on, you may find it helpful to get a bit of an overview of the site and how to get involved.

First and foremost, the Old Cars Weekly Community is a community site. Here you can meet people who share your passion for collector vehicles of all sorts. Whether you’re a hot rodder, a restorer, a collector or simply a person with a wish list and plenty of garage space, you’ll find other people here to share ideas with, show your latest projects to, or just chat about whatever is on your mind.

Sign In

The first thing you’ll want to do on the site is sign in. By signing in and becoming a member, you will be able to set up your own profile page, create your own blog if you so choose, post images to our galleries, comment on blogs and forum discussions, rate the photos of fellow enthusiasts and much more.

When you sign in you will set up your profile page. You’ll choose your screen name and upload a photo (or choose one of our icons) to use as your avatar. Later in the process, you’ll be asked questions about yourself to help others get to know you better and have the opportunity to upload photos to your personal gallery or to our community gallery.


Also during this process, you’ll have the opportunity to join groups. Here on the site, we have many groups for you to join as well as numerous groups started by our members (you can even start one yourself). You can join the groups of your choice when you sign in, or you can always join them later as well.


You’ll get to know your fellow members even better, what’s on their minds and what they are working on, by checking out the discussion on the forums. You’ll find the button for this feature in the blue navigation bar near the top of your screen. When you click on that button, you’ll find several different forum categories. Under each one are lively discussions about all aspects of that topic. Here you can post questions to get insights from your fellow enthusiasts, or you can add your thoughts to a discussion already in progress. There’s even a place for you to chat with your fellow collectors about non-car related topics.

Photo Galleries

The Old Cars Weekly Community site also includes several image galleries where you can post your photos of cars you own, ones that you wish you owned, classics that your working on, or view cars and projects or get inspiration from other members.

The first gallery you will likely encounter is the community gallery on the site home page. You can post images to this gallery by posting them to your personal gallery on your profile page. When you mark your images as public, they will appear in the community gallery. (You also have the opportunity to mark your images as private, so only you can see them, or as “friends” so that they are viewable only by your friends.)

When you join a group, you can also post images to the group gallery. This allows the latest addition to your collection, for instance, to be easily viewed by everyone in the Studebaker Fans group. And, like when you post to an image to your personal gallery, it will also be posted in the community gallery unless you mark the image otherwise.

And Much, Much More!

As you become involved in the Old Cars Weekly Community, you will soon discover that there are a lot of ways to become an active member, from posting videos, to rating member’s photos (click on the stars beneath a picture to rate it), to commenting on member’s photos, to building calendars to let other members know what is going on in your neck of the woods. All we ask is that you take the first step by joining the Old Cars Weekly Community and are willing to share and learn more about this exciting hobby from others.

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