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Have you been racking your brain trying to identify a car in that stack of old photos? Why not test the minds of your fellow hobbyists? Submit your photo and we’ll post it on the Old Cars website. Someone might just solve your mystery! Email:

In the meantime, take a crack at these…

Touring around Ireland in a Dodge?

0704 mysteryphoto

From reader D.M.: This is a photo of my five great-aunts (then in their 20s) in a touring car in Ireland between 1920 and 1925. I want to see if any of your readers might recognize it. A collector I … More »

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Identifying ‘The Roadster’


From reader Stephen W. Hayes: This is a 1917 photo of my 23-year-old father at the wheel of what he always referred to only as “The Roadster.” What is it? Best regards, Steve   Can you help identify it? Leave … More »

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Pre-war Puzzle


From reader Dave Otis:   In going through many pictures pertaining to my father-in-law, who recently passed away, I came across this photo taken in the Milwaukee, Wis., area of his family’s car prior to entering the war with the … More »

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Minneapolis Mystery


A reader shares: I work for a towing company in Minneapolis. This picture was taken inside the building. Can you or one of your readers identify the cars?     Can you help identify it? Leave your comments below! Have … More »

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Beautiful Buick needs year identification


From reader Deanna Coffey: Could someone help me with the year of my great-uncle’s Buick?  I keep looking at old Buick pictures, but it doesn’t quite fit the look of the ones I’ve seen.  I believe it is between 1912/1918, … More »

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Euro Poncho has mysterious origins

This isn't an ordinary 1933 Pontiac - the car carries a coachbuilt victoria body of unknown origins.

American history is filled with the stories of Europeans landing in North America among the indigenous “Indians.” Well, here’s a tale of a unique Indian landing in Europe. Tim Dye of the Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum in Pontiac, Ill., recently … More »

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A road trip worthy ride


From reader Bill Macdonald This is a picture of my father, Mac Macdonald,  driving his pride and joy from Barton, Md., to central Wisconsin, where he had gotten a job as a lifeguard. I remember him telling me that it … More »

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New York family photo


From reader Bob Ryan: This is an old family picture, probably taken on Long Island, N.Y. The people are a family friend, starting at the left, “Uncle” Louie Scarpatti, my grandmother Louise Ryan and my Father Raymond Ryan. In the … More »

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Raise the roof


From reader Dave Lefeber: I ran across this print in my photos of my family history. I am not familiar with the car or the possible modification that was done to the roof. It is not much to go on … More »

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Mirror, mirror, on the car…


From reader Greg Ash: Attached are two pictures of a mirror with a built in wind-up clock.  The mirror measures 7 inches by 2.5 inches and the clock measures 1.1 inches square.  The clock has the name New Haven on … More »

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