My dad’s 1930s car

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From reader Donald M. Harris:

This is a picture of my dad in the ’30s (?), with his car.  I have no idea what car or make it is. Thought you could help… there are a lot of clues for folks that know this kind of car.

Any thoughts? Comment below.


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7 Responses to My dad’s 1930s car

  1. Beaver Prince says:

    Look at the rad you can just makeout the Blue oval under the cap I am guessing 31 or32 Ford.

  2. Bill Page says:

    Looks a lot like either a 1920 Tin Lizzie or possibly a 1924 Model T to me, but…..?

  3. Larry Biring says:

    Looks to me to be late 1910′s or 1920′s vintage from the body styling- unable to see grill etc. to make a definite identification.

  4. MIKE BURKALL says:

    Looks like about a 1915 buick or maybe an Oldsmobile. but I am no real expert.

  5. Chris Oehler says:

    This car is fron the late teens or early 20″s and my guess is it is an Essex.

  6. Steve Risteau says:

    Looks like ’24 to ’27 probably a Model T. Older than the ’30′s for sure. I have a ’25 pickup with the same rear window.

  7. Keith Gumbinger says:

    This is not a Model T. I have several Model T’s and it’s obvious this is not one of them. This car has wood spoked wheels with wood fellows and demountable rims which makes it late teens or very early ’20′s. It looks like an upscale car, not the low end cars like chev. etc.

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