Mystery Photos

Have you been racking your brain trying to identify a car in that stack of old photos? Why not test the minds of your fellow hobbyists? Submit your photo and we’ll post it on the Old Cars website. Someone might just solve your mystery! Email:

In the meantime, take a crack at these…

Roadside attraction


From reader Doug Hartmann: I was recently traveling in New Zealand, and came across this car,  I wasn’t able to stop, so took the photo while driving by.  It appeared to be in quite nice condition.  Perhaps it is not … More »

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Maybe a Moon mystery?


From reader Peter Guidera: This is my Mother Nella and her brother, my Uncle Bill. I believe the picture was taken at my Grandparents house in Rochester NY. I have no clue as to the make or model of the … More »

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Grandpa’s car: Was it a Nash?

Carol's Grandpa's car

From reader Bob Arper: The attached picture is my sister-in-law’s grandparents’ car but no one still living remembers what the car was. Can you or OCW readers help identify the car?  We did a little comparison looking online and it … More »

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Race car model mystery

Model Car Pictures 1-29-2012 005

From reader Edrie J. Marquez: Enclosed are pictures of a Model Racing Car that I recently purchased in an antique shop here in Pennsylvania that I am trying to identify. The car belonged to the owner of the shop who … More »

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My dad’s 1930s car


From reader Donald M. Harris: This is a picture of my dad in the ’30s (?), with his car.  I have no idea what car or make it is. Thought you could help… there are a lot of clues for … More »

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