Are You Ready to Catch “Travolta Fever”?

J ust in time for the holidays, John Travolta’s custom-designed Pontiac Firebird – dubbed "Travolta Fever" – is on the online auction block.

Sure, Travolta has moved on to piloting his own jet since his days on Welcome Back, Kotter, but back in his ’70s-heyday, the Saturday Night Fever star had a custom Firebird, designed by George Barris , to commemorate his rising career.


The unique Pontiac Firebird was assembled in 1971, and customized as a show car for John Travolta in 1979. The Travolta Fever Firebird came from humble beginnings starting it’s life as a 1/24-scale model kit offered by Revell in 1979 as a cooperative effort between the company, George Barris, and John Travolta. It was from this design that Barris later created the car that is being offered today.

Unable to resist the temptation, after Travolta’s success in Urban Cowboy, Barris revamped the interior of the car to reflect America’s growing appreciation for cowboys and country music. It was then that the car was outfitted with genuine cowhide seats, enough brown leather to choke a horse and a saddle astride the center console.


Far from being a stock Firebird, the car sports sculptured fender flares to allow for oversized tires. One quick warning before you start bidding. The car was designed to be used exclusively as a show car–this becomes evident when you notice the lack of front turn signals and backup lights and the lack of mounts required to actually hold glass in the T-top openings.


You can enter you bid on this car on eBay through Nov. 18. Happy bidding!

CLICK HERE to check out the auction listing.



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