42 Custom Monster Garage Creations Headed to Auction Block in Scottsdale: What was Jesse James Thinking?

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — Fans of slammed cars, flame graphics, sewage-sucking Rolls-Royces, Impala’s that shave ice and other bizarre car-customizing creations, had better grab their sunglasses and head to sunny Scottsdale, Ariz., this weekend.

    The Barrett-Jackson auto auction and circus extraordinaire is gearing up to roll 42 vehicles from the TV series “Monster Garage” across the block — everything from a flying Panoz Esperante to a golf ball-collecting Porsche 944.
(Don’t bother wiping your eyes, you read that last line correctly! The Panoz actually flies. During the filming of the show it was able to pull the tires off of the pavement for an impressive 280 feet.)

    The 37th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event is currently underway and the Frankenstein-like “Monster Garage” fleet is scheduled to hit the block starting Jan. 15.

    The show, which ended its run on the Discovery Channel in 2006, was hosted by West Coast Choppers owner and all-around unique character Jesse James, who’s also happens to be married to actress Sandra Bullock.

    The whole idea behind the show was to transform a stock vehicle into an eye-popping monster within a seven-day time limit for less than $5,000. But don’t let the low build prices fool you, the cars are expected to receive much higher bids.

    The line up of vehicles heading to auction includes an Ultimate Tailgater version of the Cadillac Escalade, which carries a grille, big-screen TV and drink dispenser; a 1981 Ferrari 308 GTS turned into a rolling pasta cooker; and a ‘29 Ford Roadster transformed into a Rat Rod by students of the Texas School for the Deaf.

CLICK HERE to view the entire “Monster Garage” line-up at Barrett-Jackson.


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