General Lee No. 1 For Sale

Nearly every boy (and a lot of girls) growing up during the 1980s imagined themselves sitting behind the wheel of the bright-orange 1969 Dodge Charger better known as the “General Lee” — churning up the dust around the Hazzard County hollows as the musical horn blares the twelve sweet notes of “Dixie.”

Lee 1 making its historic jump.

Well, if you missed your chance to pay $450,000 for John Schneider’s copy of the infamous “General Lee” at January’s Barrett-Jackson Auction, don’t worry, the only version of this iconic car to appear in every single episode of the hit television show now has a “for sale” sign stuck in its window.

You got it. The actual car that was featured making the 82-foot jump to the strains of Waylon Jennings song “The Balladeer” at the beginning of each and every episode of the “Dukes of Hazzard” is being offered for sale on the duPont Registry Web site.

Back in 1978, Lee 1 was just another well-used Copper Metallic Charger with a vinyl top, a 383 and a TorqueFlite. However, the car’s current owner is hoping that 30 years later the car is gold.

Lee 1’s current owner has decided to avoid eBay, and the embarassment that befell Schneider when his copy of the “General Lee” achieved the highest bid ever for a car on eBay—$10 million—before the deal fell apart when the bidder turned out to be a hoax.

After languishing in a scrap yard for 23 years, Travis Bell and the rest of "Team Lee 1," as they call themselves, rescued the car star and restored the General to its "pre-jump" condition. Their attention to detail went so far as to make sure that each of the stars on the Rebel flag that graces the roof of the car points the same direction as originally painted back in 1978.

CLICK HERE to enter your bid on Lee 1 at the duPont Registry.

CLICK HERE for a complete history of the restoration of Lee 1.


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