Lot of Lincolns Brings $2.2 Million: Andrews Auction Canceled

If you were hoping to pick up one of the “some assembly required” ’32 Lincolns from the upcoming Kruse International auction scheduled for Feb. 16 in Long Beach, CA, then we have some bad news for you. The sale has been canceled.

    Stan Lucas, vintage tire dealer and collector, made an offer of $2.2 million for all the property and the contents of Harry Andrews Collection. On acceptance by the trustee for the bankruptcy, the judge ordered the auction to be canceled.
    Pre-sale estimates had placed a value of $350,000 on the items that were to have been auctioned and included the parts to at least 15 classics including Lincolns and Packards, as well as shop equipment, furnishings, display cabinets and a vast amount of literature.

    The offer by Lucas was for all of these items plus the property where Andrews had operated his restoration business and all other contents.

    Now, don’t get discouraged, Lucas has said that after he has had a chance to go through the items, he will probably be offering a major portion of what was originally to have been sold through auction and would be using the services of Kruse International.

    The entire inventory that was to have been sold at auction can still be viewed at www.kruse.com for a short time.

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