1969 Mustang GT-350 Prototype Headed To Auction

A 1969 Mustang GT-350 Prototype will highlight an impressive line-up of classic cars up for auction at the Ft. Myers 11th annual Antique Auto Auction to be held March 15-16 at the Mannheim Auto Auction facility at 2100 Rockfill Rd. in Ft. Myers, FL.

    This particular Shelby GT-350 is documented in the Shelby registry as being one of three GT-350’s that were built as a prototype.

This Shelby prototype has the distinctive Cougar dash and is number 2329 in the Shelby Registry

    This unique Shelby was the property of Ford Engineering for the development of an experimental fuel injection system as well as the introduction of the Cleveland 351 cu.in. engine.

    This car was produced from the factory with an experimental 351 cu.in. engine while the production models all had the Windsor engine. This Shelby prototype also has the distinctive Cougar dash. All three of these prototypes were to be destroyed and never be offered to the public.

    According to the seller, this Shelby was saved from the crusher by a Ford executive for his personal use. The car has been on display at the "All Ford Nationals" and was featured in the Ford Magazine. Displayed at the 2005 Shelby convention at the California Super Speedway. Mr. Carroll Shelby signed the plaque won at the Shelby convention and acknowledged this cars history.

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